Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1421 - Tyreright

Who needs new tyres?

Pesky bloody things tyres that are always needing to be replaced and cost a bomb! Plus you've got to find the time to get the best deal, organise their purchase, drop your car off and hang around and wait. Boring!

Well the people at Tyreright said, "Leanne, we can fix that!" They said, "What if we told you it didn't have to be so difficult?"

To which I replied, "Tell me more!"

They told me that Tyreright is a major innovator in the Australian tyre industry with a strong focus on cutting edge technology and an emphasis on making customers' lives easier.  Technology and easier lives? I'm listening ...

They also told me that Tyreright has built Australia's first national level ecommerce tyre website (and mobile site) that makes finding the right tyres simple and fast.  Really? Now we're getting somewhere. Tell me more ...

With this website you can apparently:

  • search by tyre size or search by car
  • compare tyre characteristics with each tyre being scored out of 10 on stuff like handling, wet weather handling, comfort, durability and fuel economy
  • live chat during business hours as well as phone support and social media
  • search on your mobile device for fast and easy access to the information you need while on the go
  • buy, book your fitting and relax. Do all the research from the comfort of your home or mobile phone and buy online. Then book your fitting appointment and relax while they quickly fit your tyres for you
It doesn't end there.  On top of all that they give you a 30 minute tyre fitting guarantee.  If you book into one of their guaranteed timeslots they will fit your tyres within 30 minutes or give you $30 cash back! Bonus ....

The best news of all is they are offering a 5% discount for Deep Fried Fruit readers. Yep. That means you too can do the whole shop for tyres at home thing PLUS get a saving while you are at it! Woot Woot!

Who's in?

Just head on over to their website at and follow the instructions.  When you get to the bit that asks for a promotional code just type in DFF Tyreright.  

Too easy. 

Feel free to also check them out on Facebook and let them know how you went. They're keen to get feedback. 

Oh, and let me know how you went too.

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