Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 1422 - Winter Whining

I've come to notice that August in Canberra is a little bit whiny.  The fact that I notice it may well make me a whiner too ...

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We all know I suffer the winter blues.  Some years more than others.  You'll notice that in winter my blog posts will get a little grey and flat and that if ever I'm going to throw in a whinging post it will be in winter.  It has come to my attention over the years that August is the worst month for whining in the ACT.  Isn't that interesting? And we're not just talking about an election year ...

In the various hats that I wear I get to be the point of contact for feedback.  I love to get feedback and for the most part the feedback I receive is full of blossoms.  But there is a point every year, usually around this time, where the feedback tree becomes a tad stark, if not a little poisonous.

I've put it down to the fact that come August many Canberrans have been hanging in the grey of winter for too long.  The cold, grey skies, lifeless gardens and general winter whining has gone on for far too long and people are just plain jaded. By mid-August they're ready to shout their shit from the rooftops and declare anarchy on the world.

Some years this really effects me.  I get really perplexed and severely "fascinated" by people's mindsets. Sure, I get a bit shitty too, but I'd prefer to keep the poison to myself, not spray it around like a tom cat marking his territory for everyone else to gag on. But this year I am not concerned.  You see, I knew it was coming. I had a theory and like magic that theory has played out before my eyes. So rather than absorb the negative emotion of others, I take note of their feedback (cleanse myself from the emotion) and handle the "complaints" with more fact and less feeling.  For the most part it's possible they've just got the winter blues and if I hold out long enough, the wonders of spring will loosen the intensity and everyone might start breathing a little deeper again.  The trees will be full of lovely blossoms. The whining may start to fade and we'll all become winners again!

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Just on a side note - last week during the coldest cold snap in the history of cold snaps (yes, there was snow lurking nearby) the trees on the way to the school budded in blossom. I thought to myself "silly suicidal trees, don't they know it's freezing?"  But I am thinking these trees are incredibly smart and are perhaps just displaying a beacon of hope and promise to all the silly whiners.  It's the tree's way of saying "just keep swimming, just keep swimming".  

When it comes to whining, when do you notice it most? 

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  1. I so relate to this from our year living in Canada - we lived in the Vancouver/Whistler area, and while the snow was wonderful, we had a very long winter of mostly dreary, cold rain. Didn't help that I was stuck in our exchange house with a one year old, didn't really know anybody. The whole exchange experience was great, but there were certainly days of cabin fever and blues. But the change of season you get to experience is exhilarating. Hang in there.

  2. I hear many people say that winter is depressing - I try not to let it bother me too much. I don't know how I'd fare in your climate though. And there's worse than the ACT!
    Winter is a time for settling in and staying indoors. Books, movies and red wine.
    Spring is just around the corner ;)

  3. I am hearing all the whiners, I remember as a kid I didn't mind the rain..I actually enjoyed the cold winters over the hot summers. Now I strongly dislike it, it makes me feel glum and sad and ache for a little warm. As a side note we head for the USA in a fortnight we're it is 33 degrees plus...I can't wait, but I imagine after a couple of weeks I'll think that's too hot ;).

  4. This year has been particularly wet for the Gold Coast. I have never seen so much rain! I was seriously starting to lose the plot, so yes, I am very much affected by the weather too. Which is why it's good I live where I do, because the last couple of weeks have been 100% perfect - blue, clear skies, 21-27 high temps....my soul needs it. x aroha

  5. They call that Seasonal Affective Disorder or something, don't they? SAD. When people become affected by the seasons. We haven't had much of a winter here in Brissie, but I definitely did get a bit SAD living in grey old England. Thank God for those trees giving us a pep talk. Nearly there!

  6. Wind makes me cranky - VERY CRANKY! But there's no such thing as winter up here really - Gold Coast, especially for someone born in NZ! I think the seasons do affect our moods though, just like the moon :) xx

  7. Love the blossoms poking through the cold. We didn't really get much of a winter this year and that worked fine for me. I hate the cold with a passion and long for the summer months.

  8. I love the last paragraph :)
    We generally end up on holidays somewhere in the world in August where it is hot. We must be on the same wavelength as it's not a month worth sticking around for!

  9. We're all whining around my place because August is nearly always the driest time of the year and the tanks are dry!

    BUT the flowers are starting to blossom and my much loved Willows are starting to get their leaves back :) I can feel some warm weather coming with some much needed rain!

    MC x

  10. This is so very true. I am a whiney sooky person in winter. I hate it!

  11. Growing up in Canberra, I definitely don't miss the winters! But, I do love spring and autumn there and it always makes me nostalgic about my childhood.
    Not long till Floriade, Leanne!

  12. I absolutely am affected by the weather Leanne, just thank goodness we've had a lovely winter up here.
    It made me smile that you saw those hardy little trees being so hopeful :)


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