Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1423 - The Promise of Spring

On this Wordless Wednesday I bring you BLOSSOMS

White blossoms of Canberra
After yesterday's post on winter whining, today I bring you the promise of spring.  The school run this week brings with it a beautiful avenue of white wonderland. White blossoms are my absolute favourite.  Enjoy!

Note: These pictures are not of my street. I wish we had blossoms!
Another note: some of these are the same trees I took pictures of in autumn with all that fabulous colour. Click here to see those glorious pics. 

Give Away Time
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Repeat after me: I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy. I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy .......


  1. Such a pretty sight the first flowers of spring. Sadly, all I have to admire are the weedy flowers in my backyard which will be tackled with the lawn mower this weekend before they get even more out of control!

  2. Beautiful follow up post Leanne :)

  3. They are gorgeous, so such things up here I'm afraid, reminds me of living in Wanaka, NZ x

  4. As you are seeing signs of spring with your blossoms, I am starting to see signs of fall with some leaves beginning to change color and fall!...YIPPEE!!!!

  5. I love the White blossoms of Canberra. I'm a bit excited about Spring but I'll miss my wood fire.

  6. Gorgeous Flowers - can't wait for Summer time, not a fan of the cold anymore :)
    Canberra is so very pretty any time of the year.


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