Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 1425 - Dymocks

Replenishing supplies ....

Today I spend a good whack of my time getting kids ready for the ACT State Cheerleading Championships on the weekend.  I will also do the last bits of shopping for Father's Day (which will need to be moved due to aforementioned ACT Championships). But by far the most exciting thing I will be doing today is meeting with Dymocks Belconnen to RESTOCK their supply of Cheer Chick Charlie books which were only introduced into the store two weeks ago. Isn't that exciting! It sounds like they are selling well. We'll also be chatting about the Cheer Chick Charlie window display and the Cheer Chicks performing at the mall in the near future. PLUS we'll be chatting about how to get into Dymocks nationally.  It is indeed a good day.

Today is also the last day to enter the draw to WIN!

Give Away Time
TWO copies of Iron Man 3 on Blu Ray to give awayCome on over and enter. All you need to do is say "I want to win a copy" and you'll go in the draw.  You can enter via commentDeep Fried Facebook, email, text or Deep Fried Twitter#DFFIronMan3.  Enter in various areas for more chances to win! Its that easy! Be sure to leave enough clues for me to track you down if you win. Oh, and it's only open to Aussies and will end TONIGHT at midnight.

Repeat after me: I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy. I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy, I want to win a copy .......

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  1. That's really, really great leanne, delighted to hear that th ebooks are selling well at Dymocks... it's all a matter of plugging away and letting momentum build isn't it... good on you.


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