Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 1430 - Wordless Wednesday

I am in love with this day ....

Outside my laundry door

With open doors, washing done, flowers blooming, sun shining, a clear table and so much warmth, I have to say ... I'm in love with this day.

I love the colour outside my laundry door

I love that these flowers bloom with no help from me

I love that clothes are drying naturally outside

I love the look of a wheelbarrow on an overgrown path

I love the empty pots that promise growth (one day)

I love that our garden grows even when we don't tend to it

I love that my table is clear, with a sunny outlook, and that I have a single flower given to me by a cheerleader

I love these flowers that bloom in my front yard

I love that this flower fell off its branch and landed perfectly on the wall 
I love that this garden flourishes above our buried pets


  1. I love (and want) your French doors! And so nice to be given flowers!

  2. Gorgeous photos and flowers.

    We have buried pets in our old house gardens - hope the tenants don't dig them up.

  3. Those flowers in the front yard look like Hellebores, aren't they gorgeous. I have green ones. I am loving being able to use the clothesline again, the warmth of the sun and opening the doors and windows. Loved your photos :)

  4. Spring is definitely here. I had to sneak outside for lunch yesterday (in the sun in the backyard) Beautiful.

  5. Your place looks lovely, Leanne. I agree it's so nice to welcome back Spring :-)

  6. Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous pictures. I love your clear table! Can I come live with you, mine is shocking and doing my head in!

  7. beautiful! what a peaceful place to live! would love to have an outdoor clothesline and flowers growing in my yard! xo Aroha


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