Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 1431 - Brunettes have more fun

It's official - Aussie men rate brunettes sexier than blondes

Apparently gentlemen no longer prefer blondes, rating brunettes as not only the sexiest, but the most suitable to introduce to their parents.  I'm in!

Proctor and Gamble commissioned a study of 1000 Aussies to explore the influence of hair care, colour and style on men and women.  They have released their "Head and Shoulders for Men" collection so wanted to be sure men actually gave a shit about hair first.  Apparently they do.  Isn't that a relief?

Anyway, other stuff they discovered in the survey includes that over a third of Aussie men think blondes are most likely to cheat, 91% of people believe hair is key to a person's sex appeal and 64% of men and women found that dandruff is a big turn off.

Other interesting facts are that 84% of 18-44 year olds believe the way a person takes care of their hair is reflective of the way they take care of themselves, and 39% consider that the condition of a person's hair reflects how successful they are in their career. Interesting!

It seems our blokes (53% in fact) spend less than five minutes a day on their hair (I'm surprised it's only 53%) however hair is clearly important to our men because almost half are concerned with hair loss.  Apparently Head & Shoulders has a remedy for that with their Hair Retain product that helps protect hair damage and fall.

So there you have it.

Brunettes are in; dandruff is out; washing your is a must; and Head & Shoulders is all about keeping men picture (and career) perfect in less than five minutes a day.

Too easy ...

I'm off to wash my hair.

Thank you Head & Shoulders for this very useful info.  
From a very happy (and dandruff free) brunette. 

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