Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 1435 - Happy Birthday Colonel Sanders!

The man who created KFC would be 123 today!

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As I'm sitting here cruising the net for some interesting facts and some news other than boring old election results, I am delighted to discover that today is Colonel Sanders birthday!

Harland Sanders was born in Henryville, Indiana, USA on 9 September 1890.  Harland would cook for his family while his mum worked and later he opened a service station in Corbin, Kentucky where he'd cook chicken for his customers.  His chicken became so popular that he moved to a motel restaurant. He used the exact same "11 herbs and spices" that is used in KFC today.

At the age of 65, after his restaurant went under due to a new interstate freeway which reduced customer traffic, he took his first social security cheque ($105) and began visiting potential franchisees. In 1952 he successfully franchised the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken".

The rest of course is history!

The bottom line is he spent his entire life working hard and perfecting something he believed in.  He was hit with a challenge in his retirement years but rather than give up, he took a chance and pushed on.  As a result he created a world wide company and his face has been forever embedded as the KFC logo.

He died in 1980 at the age of 91.

Happy birthday Colonel Sanders!!

You did good ...

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