Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 1436 - WIN Disney Infinity

It's official, there's Disney-mania at our house.
When the Disney peeps came to me and said "would your kids like to try the Disney Infinity game?" I said "is Mickey a mouse? Of course they'd like to try it.  In fact, they're itching to get their hands on it."  Then when the Disney peeps said "would you like to give three packs away to your readers?" I said "is Donald a duck? Of course I'd like to share the love. Gimme, gimme gimme."  And it was really that simple. Yep - we have THREE Disney Infinity starter packs for Playstation 3 to give away to three lucky Deep Fried Fruit fans. But first a review ....

I have absolutely no clue about these gaming things.  I am a gumby with the remote and the onscreen activity makes me dizzy which rules me out of anything but Wii bowling.  But Mr 9 is an expert at all things XBox, Wii and PS3, so I'll turn the review over to him.

Hi Darby
Hi Mum

Is it ok if I interview you for my blog?
What's an interview?

You know, can I ask you questions and you answer them?
Sure. Do I still have to do homework?

No, this can be your homework.

When did you first hear about Disney Infinity?
My friend told me about it at school and then we wen to Hawaii and there were lots of ads on TV about it.

What did you think about it?
I was excited.  All those Disney characters are cool and it looked like fun. You could play paintball, create stuff, fight each other.

How did you feel when I said I would be getting Disney Infinity sent to me from Disney for you to try?
It took too long to get here! I was excited. I ran up the stairs every day after school and nothing.

How did you feel when it finally arrived?
I got home and found it sitting on my bed. I opened it and started playing straight away. First I had to set up an account and then I had to check the email and stuff to activate it.  But then I started playing. The controls were easy to work out but the rest was a bit strange because it is a new game and I didn't really know how to play it.

Do you know how to play it now?
Sort of. I have started learning.  I can create stuff but I haven't learned how to run around and fight yet.

How will you learn?
I will will ask my friend who has it. He plays it all the time. He has heaps of characters in his like Lightning McQueen and other ones from Cars.

Do you have those characters?
No. The starter pack has Mr Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow and Sully off Monsters Inc.  Oh, and it has these cool gem things which let you change the background of your city.  I can do "Wreck it Ralph" background. I heard you can get ones for "Finding Nemo" and all different Disney movie things. I'd like to buy more characters. You can get them from Target and places like that you know Mum.

I didn't know that.
Well now you do.

Yes, now I do.  So what do you love about the game?
Doing the creative stuff.

Can the game be difficult at all?
A bit. Just until you learn how to use it.  I still have to learn how to use it properly. Can Jack come for a play? He can show me.

Sure, we can arrange that. Tell me about some of the stuff you can do ....
Heaps. Helicopters, building stadiums, Buzz Lightyear's jet wings, racing cars, race courses, massive castle that looks big and cool, guns that shoot toilet paper at houses, guns with paintball.  And you can go to different worlds like Monster's University, the Incredibles world or Captain Jack Sparrow world. But they can't go into each others worlds. Like Jack Sparrow can't go to Monster's University, only Sully can.  But there is other worlds that everyone can go into.

Can anyone else go into Monster's University other than Sully?
Yes, but you have to buy the characters I think.  Like Mrs Incredible can go into Mr Incredible's world. And Mike Wazowski can go to Monster's University with Sully.  You just have to buy them.

Do you want to buy them then?

What ages is this game good for?
I think from 5 years old to about teenagers. About 15 years old.

Do you think people should enter this competition to win Disney Infinity?
Yes. It's fun and awesome and good to play with your friends.

Anything else?

End of interview?

What now?
Can I play Disney Infinity?

No gaming before school.

What about homework instead?
(Bigger groan)

Can I go outside and shoot hoops?

So there you have it readers.  Straight from the nine year old's mouth.

If you've got kids, or know someone with kids, or even if you're a kid yourself, then be sure to enter this comp to win.

Win, Win, Win

All you need to do is tell me your favourite Disney character.  That easy.  Oh, and be sure to give me enough details to track you down.  The competition is open to Aussie residents only and closes Friday 20 September at midnight. You can enter via comment here on the blog, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter #DFFInfinity, email or text.  Note: The Disney/Deep Fried Fruit Disney Infinity starter packs are for Playstation 3 only.  But if you don't have a Playstation 3 don't let that deter you from entering.  You could always put it away for a Christmas gift, or trade with a friend, or even give it to your local Ronald McDonald House. Everyone deserves some Disney Infinity in their life. 


  1. A favourite Disney character??? Uhmm where do I begin, all Disney characters are awesome. I am thinking I am going with Tinkerbell as my fav

  2. I'll go on twitter...need to narrow down my choice...

  3. I love Cinderella – her tale shows us that no matter how downtrodden you are, never give up. Good things will always come to those who wait! (Plus she also gets to wear groovy glass stilletos!)

  4. I am old school and can't go past Donald Duck. With that said some of the characters from Monster's Inc. are pretty cool too. Oh so, many to choose from....I'll stick with Donald :)

  5. Right now it's Captain Jack Sparrow. We had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon here over the weekend when my brother visited. Johnny Depp is superb. "Got to be the best pirate I've ever seen."

    Mary Preston

  6. Oh that's a hard question!
    Off the top of my head, it would have to be Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid. Love him

  7. I have to say Buzz Lightyear, especially when he's on Spanish mode and starts dancing the flamenco :)

  8. I would have to say Goofy, because most days I can relate LOL

  9. I love SO MANY of the Pixar ones - but I do have a soft spot for Woody - that grumpy old man from UP is also gold!

  10. Frozone from the Incredibles is my favourite character! He's a super cool sidekick who knows how to put the bad guys on ice :)

  11. My kids would love this, would keep them out of trouble for at least a couple of hours... Personally I love Snow White, she has ethics and a good nature that I love.. she is caring and wants to help ever, regardless of consequences to herself.

  12. I love good old Chip and Dale, they are cute and take me right back to Sunday nights watching Walt Disney and eating scones!!!


  13. There are so many Disney characters I love, but I think I'm going to have to go for one of my greatest loves, Peter Pan. I'm even getting a tattoo of him, Wendy, John, Michael and Tink flying towards the second star from the right.

  14. I love Pluto, how cool would it be to have a dog exactly like him?!

  15. My 6 year old is still obsessed with Lightning McQueen, though we expect the new Disney Planes movie that comes out next week will take over.

  16. Aladdin for his cheeky charm and sweeping good looks.

  17. Tricky, tricky question and such a toss-up but I just adore Gus the mouse from Cinderella... the cutest mouse since Mickey himself ;)

    Thanks for the chance :)

  18. I love Tod from Fox & The Hound. His bravery and loyalty to Copper are so admirable and prove that friendships can run deeper than blood. Who said all foxes were conniving and cunning? Certainly not Mister Tod :)

  19. Princess Jasmine because I've always wanted to be like her

  20. I am still awaiting replies from two of our lucky winners! If they don't get back to me by Thursday 26 September I will have to do a redraw. Queen Celeste ... are you able to email me at leanne (at) leanneshealangdown (dot)com

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