Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 1437 - Mr Potato Head

On this Wordless Wednesday I give you "Mr Potato Head" 

As we continue "heading back to basics" for Mr 9 in this world of multi-media, I give you Monday night's family activity.  Mr Potato Head. An oldie but a goody.

Now let's go back to that multi-media gig.  Why? Because you could win one of THREE Disney Infinity packs for PS3. That's right! I have THREE to give away.

Win, Win, Win

All you need to do is tell me your favourite Disney character.  That easy.  Oh, and be sure to give me enough details to track you down.  The competition is open to Aussie residents only and closes Friday 20 September at midnight. You can enter via comment here on the blog, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter #DFFInfinity, email or text.  Note: The Disney/Deep Fried Fruit Disney Infinity starter packs are for Playstation 3 only.  But if you don't have a Playstation 3 don't let that deter you from entering.  You could always put it away for a Christmas gift, or trade with a friend, or even give it to your local Ronald McDonald House. Everyone deserves some Disney Infinity in their life. 


  1. oh man now I want to go and buy Mr Potato Heads. That looks almost therapeutic! I don't have a PS3 but my favourite disney character is probably Mickey Mouse. Can't be the original! x Aroha

  2. Love the Mr Potato Heads - my 8 year old still has fun with ours occasionally, too.
    Favourite Disney Character as a kid was Dumbo the Elephant - I always felt so sorry for him with those big ears. Have a great day.

  3. I used to love Mr. Potato Head, but Bella can't believe we used real potatoes for it when I was little!
    Man, I'm old.....

  4. Oh I just realised my favourite character, Donald Duck for always being grumpy but coming through when it counts!
    Mr Potato Head's bits and bobs drive me mental - great pics though :)

  5. My kids LOVE Mr Potato Head! The twins got one each for their 5th birthdays.

  6. Oh GOSH I forgotten how cute Mr Potato Head is ;)
    My favorite Disney Character without a doubt is "Lady" from the movie Lady and the Tramp!

  7. Love Mr Potato Head is awesome. What cute pics.
    My favourite Disney character would currently have to be Merida - I love that she's strong and independent and doesn't need a man to get things done. Just the kind of princess I want my girls to identify with.

  8. We don't have PS3. I love the idea of donating it if I win. With my eldest son loving Toy Story in the 90s and my daughters loving it now too, I'd have to say Woody. Donald duck cartoons were a favourite of mine as a kid too.

  9. Woody is our family favourite!! Kind, Caring, good manners and always ready to help people even if they've done something wrong in the first place. Great philosophy for our children to follow. As we all make mistakes but we can stop, apologise and help.


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