Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 1439 - Friday 13th

Unlucky for some, lucky for others! 

It's Friday which is a great day to celebrate the week that was.  For me I'll be celebrating having booked my Cheer Chick Charlie scoping trip to China, having secured new clients, having made a deal with the home schooling association in the USA for greater promotion of Cheer Chick Charlie, for getting Tahlia a modelling assignment in a music video (good Mumager), for presenting the cheque to Ronald McDonald House, for my partnership with Disney for the Disney Infinity give-away, and for managing to do the washing (with Mum's help), cook the dinners (with Derek's help), play Mr Potato Head (with Darby's help) and coach some cheerleaders.  Yep, today is not going to be unlucky at all. I feel very strongly that luck is on my side.  Happy Friday 13th!

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