Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1443 - A Music Video

It's not every day Canberra plays host to an LA film crew

This week is an exciting week for some Canberrans, particularly the models and extras chosen to take part in a video clip for up-and-coming artist Vince Gelonese.

I have to be honest, I had not heard of Vince Gelonese until his team started scouting for models to appear in his video. As Tahlia's "Mumager" I put her name forward of course.

To ensure I had done my due diligence I went about finding information on Vince.  I had to be sure the song, and the man behind it, was an appropriate "platform" for my teenager. I am pleased to say that not only is the song absolutely beautiful, but it's also made big waves in the US hitting #4 in the Billboard Hot Singles sales back in July, plus it also appears to have made an appearance in the UK Billboard charts as well.

It turns out he is a Canberra boy and he's kindly bringing an LA film crew into our beautiful city to shoot the clip. Before he was a #4 Billboard star he has been part of a few successful live shows including an Elvis production.  If this song is anything to go by, I think he'll be doing less Elvis and more Vince from here on.

We're looking forward to meeting Vince and his crew this weekend at the shoot, and we're really grateful he has given up-and-coming models like Tahlia the opportunity to be part of something Canberra rarely sees.  As you know I'm all about supporting people who are tapping into their strengths and following their dreams.  It's even more inspiring when they give others the same opportunities by "coming home" to support the city that helped raised them.

Have a listen to this great new song, and if you love it like we do, be sure to pop on over to iTunes and buy it.


While we are on the topic of loving new stuff, Disney and Deep Fried Fruit have teamed up again for a give-away.  We are giving away THREE Disney Infinity starter packs for PS3.  Woot! 

Win, Win, Win

All you need to do is tell me your favourite Disney character.  That easy.  Oh, and be sure to give me enough details to track you down.  The competition is open to Aussie residents only and closes next Friday 20 September at midnight. You can enter via comment here on the blog, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter #DFFInfinity, email or text.  Note: The Disney/Deep Fried Fruit Disney Infinity starter packs are for Playstation 3 only.  But if you don't have a Playstation 3 don't let that deter you from entering.  You could always put it away for a Christmas gift, or trade with a friend, or even give it to your local Ronald McDonald House. Everyone deserves some Disney Infinity in their life. 


  1. It is nice, when they come home and share it around...

  2. That is very cool for your daughter, how exciting!
    I too love it when people give back to where they came from. To pay homage like that and bring in money to that place is great.

  3. What a great opportunity for your daughter. Haven't heard of Vince (or very many top 40 singers to be honest), but now I'll have to look him up!

  4. oh wow! I hope your daughter has given you permission to document and blog about it! What an experience for her! Hope she has a blast doing it. Nice to hear stories about good guys who remember their roots! x Aroha

  5. What a great opportunity for Tahlia, Leanne! I bet she'll have the best time, well done :)

  6. I've never heard of him either, but great news for him, Tahlia and Canberra! #teamIBOT

  7. What an opportunity - I hope it all goes well! Now this is a timely giveaway as my daughter is begging for Disney Infinity at the moment. Her favourite character is Mike from Monsters Inc because he is funny and green and only as one eye!

  8. Well done to your daughter! I don't know who he is either but these days there are so many famous people it's hard to keep track!
    Our favourite Disney character is Snow White. She's pretty, sings like a bird and lives with seven men who really look after her. Can't top that!

  9. I bet you are so proud of your daughter - such a great opportunity :)

  10. We have been looking at the Disney Infinity as a family Christmas present - my sons favourite character is jack Sparrow - not that he has watched the movies just thinks he is very cool pirate.

    Hope your daughter enjoys the experience over the weekend!


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