Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 1447 - The winners are!

Who won the Disney Infinity Starter Packs for PS3?

Well, I am very pleased to announce that the winners from random selection out of my trusty pin striped fedora hat are:

  • Becky from Becky and James (entered via blog)
  • Elaine Pembroke (entered via Facebook)
  • Queen Celeste (entered via blog)
EDIT: Redraw required due to inability to make contact with Elaine and Celeste.  New winners announced on 28 September.  Congratulations to Janae O'Shaughnessy (Facebook) and Emily @ Have a Laugh on Me (blog comment).  

Congratulations!! Contact has been made with you via email or Facebook PM.

There were so many entries! We had Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Email and even text entries. Most popular competition to date. 

Thanks so much Disney!!! You've just made three people very very happy.

Happy Saturday! 

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