Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 1449 - The Jungle Book

Did you know that The Jungle Book was the last film produced by Walt Disney himself?

Who remembers seeing The Jungle Book? I have vague memories of an almost-naked jungle boy and a big goofy bear and some sort of enormous snake. There may also have been a tiger? The good news is that our memories no longer need to be vague ones. The all new digitally restored Jungle Book is premiering on Blu-ray and DVD on 2 October, so we not only get to refresh our memories of this timeless classic, but we also get to share it with our kids.

The Jungle Book follows the journey of Mowgli, a baby 'man cub' who is abandoned and discovered in the depths of the jungle. When the terrifying tiger Shere Khan sets out to capture some fresh prey Mowgli is banished to a human tribe for safety, but he won't give up his jungle life without a fight!

Along with his laid-back sloth bear buddy Baloo, Mowgli outsmarts the wicked python Kaa and befriends all sort of jungle creatures, learning a song or two along the way! Ultimately however he must decide, does he really belong in the wild?

The last film to be produced by the late great Walt Disney, The Jungle Book is a must have. It's been completely restored and is now in crystal clear high definition picture and sound. Awesome!

Disney is a favourite of Deep Fried Fruit because it (without a doubt) keeps you feeling young and reminds you to believe. That's got to be a win.  I tell you what's also a win ... winning is a win!


Disney is partnering yet again with Deep Fried Fruit to give away THREE Jungle Book DVDs to our lucky readers.  Yep. Not one, not two, but THREE chances to win!

All you've got to do is answer this question: "who wants to win?"  It's just a simple two stroke answer on the keyboard: "ME"

PLEASE be sure to give me enough details to track you down.  If I can't find you, or if winners don't get back to me within five days of the draw, I will have to have a redraw. The competition is open to Aussie residents only and closes Tuesday 01 October at midnight. You can enter via comment here on the blog, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter #DFFJungleBook, email or text. 


  1. ME

    This is a fabulous opportunity thank you.


  2. Me too please...


  3. Hurray! Congratulations Deep Fried Fruit on collaborating with a great brand like Disney. Keep up the great work!

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