Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 1466 - An Update

Given this is a "diary" I figured I should let you know what's been going on ...

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I wear a lot of hats.  Actually, I wear that one big hat up there in the bloggy header but it's full of lots of fruit.  Some fruit is heavier than others, and some gets eaten more regularly, others are seasonal.  All the fruit has its purpose and all of it takes up my time in one way or another.  Here is an October summary of where each piece of fruit is up to ....

Deep Fried Fruit
My poor ol' bloggity blog is taking a back seat these days. I still get up at dawn and nurture it most days, but there are increasingly more days sneaking in where it is a mid-afternoon afterthought.  This means the content is dodgy and my ability to cruise the blogosphere hanging with other bloggers is also waning.  I look forward to making my old Deep Fried pal a priority again one day soon.  Perhaps China will give me some inspiration?

Cheer Chick Charlie
I've been getting frustrated with the lack of forward movement for my Cheer Chick.  I mean, from the outside it looks like we're making great progress, but from the inside it's still moving too slowly for my liking.  Stuff we're working on right now includes getting book one into US English, liaising with a few US based organisations to form a strategic alliance, creating a strategy to advertise the app, getting the new website ready for launch, filming and editing three month's worth of Cheer Chick videos, heading to China to meet with manufacturers directly about possible new product lines, getting into major bookstores, advertising through schools, fundraising with cheer squads and writing book six in time for Christmas.

Cheer Coach and squad founder/advisor/coordinator
While I am able to relax a little more given the teams I personally coach aren't going to the Australian National Cheerleading Championships (I decided to take the "newbies" teams this year to help develop our brand new children), I am still keeping an eye on the "Nationals" logistics and preparation for our other teams.  Luckily we have some fantastically dedicated coaches on board who take the load.

Tahlia's foray into modelling has really taken off which means we're having a photo shoot (or two) a week at the moment. This obviously takes up lots of time in not only playing the manager role to get the shoots arranged, but standing around being the chaperone and pack horse while on location. I'm enjoying this new piece of fruit immensely, but am concerned that all my "standing around" means the other bits of fruit are starting to rot.  Perhaps I just need to be more organised and take my work with me.  Maybe I can write book six around the edges of modelling shoots?

Success Consultant
Luckily for me, and Cheer Chick Charlie, my consultancy business (life/career/business coaching) is bringing lots of new clients this year.  This means there is some cash flow to help pay for the Cheer Chick Charlie development.  It also takes up time which is the luxury I don't seem to have. Not complaining though! Love working with ALL my clients and enjoy each and very session.  Just need to get back into my strict diary management and weekly planning to ensure the things that need the most time to succeed, are getting it.

Property Manager
That's a fancy title but really all I do is manage the holiday bookings for our coast house.  Have you seen it yet? Come on over to Facebook and check it out.  We have a little coastal cottage at Surf Beach NSW (Bateman's Bay region) which we've just put on the holiday rental market.  My job is to do the Facebook stuff, take bookings, manage the money and keys etc.   Derek's job is to pay for our half of the mortgage and Mum and Dad's job (part owners) is to do the maintenance and decoration etc around the place.  I love this piece of fruit ... it's fun to help people have lovely weeks/weekends away.

During the school year I find this role really easy.  As long as I am available before 9.00 and after 3.00 I can manage being a nurturer, friend, taxi driver, events coordinator, diary manager, cook and cleaner for my kids.  The school holidays is another matter though! It just means that my normal 9.00-3.00 "working hours" have to be more flexible so that the kids get the attention they need.  Much of their school holiday needs revolve around my ability to drive a car.  They are quite capable of feeding themselves during the daytime, they keep themselves entertained and their friendship needs are covered.
This is the role that probably suffers the most when I am carrying too much fruit.  I end up tired and weighed down and my time with Husband gets shorter and shorter.  We make it work though.

The only thing I've been doing as plain old Leanne lately is being sick. I am so sick of being sick! This cough is messing with my Psyche, my appearance and my pelvic floor. I look old, I feel like shit and I may be peeing myself slightly on a daily basis. Plus I seemed to have bruised my ribs or damaged the cartilage with all the coughing. Over it over it over it! I go to China in two weeks. I must get this cough under control before then.

So there you have it. That's an update from me on what this piece of Deep Fried fruit is up to this month. The title of "Diary of a fit, fabulous, slightly fatigued 40 year old" is probably a statement steeped in lies right now.  I am not fit, I do not feel fabulous right now, I am more than slightly fatigued, and I am in fact 40 years and 1466 days old.  My November goal is to earn back my title.  I've got three weeks to that sorted!

Watch this space.


  1. And I thought I had a lot of hats! It's a constant juggle isn't it. I'm so jealous of the beach cottage!

  2. Wow Leanne. Just learnt so much more about you. My life seems quiet compared to yours. Keep up the great work. x

  3. Wow Leanne - you're a busy bee. Congrats on managing it all!

  4. Finally appeared? That was weird - was just going to say you'll never kick that fatigue if you don't factor in some time for you!

  5. You are one busy lady! I'll take on of my few hats off to you :)

  6. Wow Leanne, you must be so organized! Look after you too :)

  7. Help, that's a lot of hats. Hope the body gets back on track soon. Your brain is getting a major workout daily so that'll keep you young!

  8. Take care of yourself, Leanne. I know you like to keep yourself busy but sometimes it's important to take a breather. Even if just for half an hour.
    China is going to be awesome!

  9. Oh Leanne I was just exhausted reading this - you juggle so much I am in awe of you lovely! Those pelvic floors, I know what you mean, traffic lights, do them at traffic lights!! A trip to China, wow that will be interesting. Just keeping swimming, you can do it xx

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