Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 1469 - ACT Regional Cheerleading Workshops

Bringing all ACT cheer squads together for the betterment of the sport in our city.

You will recall that a bunch of Canberra based cheerleading squads got together to create the ACT Regional Cheerleading competition with all money raised going back into skilling ACT cheerleaders and a portion being donated to Ronald McDonald House. This weekend, as part of that initiative, I am hosting two visiting coaches from Queensland who are running workshops across both days with individual clubs receiving targeted training in their own personalised sessions.  It's been an amazing event and a wonderful alliance as squads tag team in and out of the gym all with the same goal in mind - to learn something new and create greatness within the sport here in Canberra.  Yesterday we had a ball! Best news is, it continues today.

Good Shepherd Cheerleading
At Sirens Cheerleaders Gym in the ACT

Sirens Cheerleaders
at Sirens Cheerleaders Gym in the ACT

Canberra City Cheerleading
at Sirens Cheerleaders Gym in the ACT

Mother Teresa and Holy Spirit Cheerleaders
at Sirens Cheerleaders Gym in the ACT

Velocity Cheerleaders at Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club

Heat Cheerleaders at Canberra City Gymnastics Club

Visiting coaches, Ash and Bryan, who surprised us by
donating part of their earnings to Ronald McDonald House


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