Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 1472 - Smiling

The power of a smile

This is me smiling. I do not feel like smiling. In fact, I feel like curling up a in a ball. But it's not a good look for a Success Consultant to be rocking back and forth in the corner crying into her green tea. So instead I am tricking my brain into believing that life is good! It doesn't matter that my chest infection is still causing me grief, or that I am snowed under with Cheer Chick Charlie actions, or that I may have broken a rib due to coughing, or that I have a million things weighing me down.  I have a client arriving in exactly 11 minutes which means I must perform! And life is actually good. When you get down to it. So smile I must and smile I will.

And what do you know ... I'm actually starting to feel like it.

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