Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 1473 - Improve your Health

Who would like to improve their health from head to toe?

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You sure as hell know I would! After dealing with bronchitis for three weeks now I am feeling pretty damn average.  Regardless of the odd flu or lurgy it's more important than ever as we hit middle age to get the body, mind and heart strong and healthy for the second half of life.  So today I share an article with you on how to improve your health and body from head to toe.  Enjoy!

Health is the goal of many, but it can be hard to classify exactly what it means to be healthy. While it certainly includes the absence of disease, it should also include mental well-being, healthy relationships with others, and a nutritious diet that gives you plenty of energy throughout the day. To achieve overall health, use this guide to focus on every part of the body from head to toe.

Head: Mental Well-being
Although most people think of health as a purely physical thing, mental well-being is a pivotal part of a person's health and happiness. Ideally, each individual should have something that mentally challenges them in a positive way each day. For many of us, this includes a day job. For those who are retired, puzzles and mentally stimulating games might be the answer. Games designed to strengthen your memory recall or your awareness are smart ways to keep you mentally sharp as you age, and you’re never too young to start incorporating them into your daily routine. Part of mental well-being also includes having healthy relationships with others. Even those who have busy schedules should carve time into their week to socialise with other adults and create meaningful connections.

Chest: Heart Health
While exercise is a key way to strengthen your heart, the food you eat also has a substantial impact on your heart's health. There is no perfect food to improve the health of your heart, but enjoying a varied and nutritious diet can be instrumental in reducing your chances of a heart attack or heart disease in the future. Omega-3 fatty acids are ideal for improving HDL and reducing LDL, and you can find them in salmon, flax seeds and many types of nuts. Foods that are high in fibre can lower cholesterol levels, and fibre is found naturally in many whole grains as well as in fruits and vegetables. To consume a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you should aim to eat at least five servings of produce each day. Varying the kinds of fruits and vegetables you eat will also improve your nutrition levels, so ensure that you enjoy everything from blueberries to kale for the full range of benefits.

Stomach: Maintain a Healthy Weight
Many people aim to maintain a healthy weight because they want to look good in a certain pair of jeans, but maintaining a healthy weight is actually a key part of overall wellness. Being obese can lead to high blood pressure, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes and countless other ailments. In order to achieve health, everyone should aim to fall within a healthy body mass index range of 20 to 25. Counting calories can be a key way to achieve your ideal body weight, and choosing low-calorie, nutritious foods will allow you to lose weight without feeling deprived. Daily exercise is also important, and Compare the Market’s
article on physical activity provides plenty of reasons as to why you should look at integrating this into your lifestyle. Some suggestions to get you started have been outlined below.

Legs: Resistance Training
There is no question that physical activity is instrumental to good health, but many people focus primarily on cardiovascular workouts like walking, running or cycling. As we age, it is also important to maintain lean muscle mass, which boosts the metabolism, keeps you looking lean and protects against weakness in old age. Resistance training can take many forms, and one option is to lift weights in a gym setting or hire a personal trainer to get you started. However, you can also implement some resistance training techniques at home that don't require any equipment at all. Squats and walking lunges build muscles in the legs and can be done easily right in your living room.

Feet: Get Moving!
The final step in the health equation is down at your feet. Your feet can help take you anywhere, and you will need them to get moving. Staying active burns calories, increases circulation, reduces your chance of obesity, strengthens your heart and even improves digestion. All of this overall health starts by picking up your feet and enjoying physical exercise. The key is to get into a routine and find something you truly enjoy, which could range from dancing at night or morning walks with a friend.

Health is a multifaceted concept that includes everything from your mental well-being to your body weight. Using these tips can get you on the right track towards better health from head to toe.

Thank you to the author of this article for offering to share these wise words with my Deep Fried Fruit readers. 

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