Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 1478 - The Snipping Tool

So much more than a screen capture ....

I have been head down and bum up at my desk working on the new Cheer Chick Charlie website.  I had a three hour lesson on Friday with the website developers so that I can start reorganising and adding more content to the new site. Talk about brain drain! I don't know how computer programmers and website developers do it.  I spent all afternoon adding pictures of my printable activities to the site yesterday, and by the end of the day I had cotton wool for a head.  Anyway, in the middle of learning all this techno babble on Friday, I discovered that Windows 7 and Vista has this groovy little program called a Snip Tool.  Given you're all complete techno-whiz's (and I am probably the only techno-dunce) you're no doubt aware of it already.  For me, it was the most exciting thing I've learned in months!

So this snipping tool is so much more than a screen capture.  Where as a screen capture simply captures everything you've got on the screen to paste into the documents you are working on, the Snip Tool allows you to choose just the area you want to screen capture which you can save as a picture to keep on file.

Here's a "snip" of this post I'm working on!

Super cool! I can't believe I didn't know about it before.  Honestly, the amount of time I could have saved.

You probably knew about it already and you're looking at me now like I'm a space cadet.  But if you are a little Deep Fried like me and this is truly magical and wondrous news to you, then be sure to check it out.  Just go to your program menu and search for Snipping Tool.  Too easy!

Gotta go. I have some snipping to do ....

Happy Tuesday!

Don't be afraid to stare at me blankly and tell me how many years behind the times I am ... 


  1. I'm staring at you blankly not understanding what you're talking about!! Space cadet, you say....;)

  2. I'm with Lydia. Uhhhh, what?? *carries on oblivious* Glad you found something that helps you though :) x Aroha

  3. You know, I'm pretty techno-savvy most of the time but I did not know about this! And I sure as hell wish I did back before I was on maternity leave as it would have made a lot of my work a hell of a lot easier! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour on the new website, I reckon it's something I will be spending a bit of time on as the girls get older.

    #teamIBOT was here!

  4. I use these type of tools, but did not know of this particular one. I like to keep a note of them, because I somehow get rid of them and then realise I really want it back and can never remember the name. Yep, there is no tech-savvy space in my head at all.

  5. Oh this is ace! I did not know about this one. It will save me much time in my (terrible) editing processes!

  6. I'm doing what Lydia said !!!!!
    Thank you for sharing - not sure if I will find out whether I ever need to use something like this but thanks for sharing anyway !! LOL
    Have the best day !

  7. When I first saw the headline I though you were talking about a vasectomy - HA HA! And like Lydia you lost me at... web design xx

  8. Definitely not a space cadet, Leanne!
    My husband introduced me to the snipping tool just last week, and he couldn't believe I didn't know about it. As if!!
    Great to hear the website is coming along :)

  9. I thought this post was about the man in your life getting the snip. LOL, I didn't know there was such a tool. I'm going to look for it now on my computer.

  10. Sadly, I am a Luddite and require a keyboard incontinence pad to capture the dribble I write.

    It looks like a very cool tool but sadly my poor little man brain can't cope with this level of technology

    If only my elbows weren't so clumsy when trying to type

  11. Ah, now you're speaking my language! I hate Windows with a passion (altho 7 less so than the dreadful 8) but I use a program called SnagIt which does the same thing across Mac and the virtual Windows platform I'm running.

  12. I had heard of the snip tool but until reading your post, I had forgotten about it and always paste it in Paint and crop it! I think the snip tool would be so much easier!

  13. Oh see I have a mac and not a pc, so I know the mac way to do it. shift command 3 gives an entire screen capture, but shift control4 lets you choose the area.
    Just in case that helps :)

  14. Thank you. No, I did not know about this and not really sure I totally understand it but will lock away for future reference...when I am a little more tech savvy :)


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