Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 1479 - Wordless Wednesday

Today I give you the dismantling of our back deck.
Working in the rain to rip up the deck

Every year we have a huge Christmas party on our back deck, and every year I wonder if it will the year it collapses.  The beams and supports are rotting, so while the top wood is totally reusable, the framework is dodgy.  So before the news crews end up at our place due to mass tragedy, we decided it's time for a rebuild.

We have to pull up all the slats, some builders will come in and give us some new framework, a nice new fence and some stairs, then we (to save money) need to sand back all the boards, screw them back into place and stain them. Eek!  A big shout out to my dad who is doing the dismantling work for us while Derek recovers from bad back and spends his time working his arse off in his day job.  Stay tuned for photos of the brand new entertainment area just in time for Christmas! (We hope.)

Everything that was once on the deck, is now dotted around the backyard

The cubby house has become a work bench and store room

Our table and sun lounge sitting forlornly in the backyard

Getting there one plank at a time

The rotten framework which has resulted in the need for a rebuild. 


  1. That's a huge job Leanne, but will be so worth it!
    I see your trampoline has suffered the same fate as ours. I wish they would make the nets more weather hardy. :)

  2. Actually, we took the net off over winter to preserve it. Just haven't put it back on yet! So far the net has been doing OK. But you are right .. I see so many shredded nets around.

  3. What a big job you have there - but best to get it done before the silly season...

  4. Wow that looks like a massive job. Fingers crossed it's all done before Christmas!

  5. Now that's commitment! Working in the rain. Our decking needs to be re-done as well. My whole leg went through it on Fathers Day which resulted in an infected knee. Can I come to your Xmas lunch? Sounds awesome :) x

  6. Go the versatile cubby house/tool holder!

  7. Oh boy what a job. I hope you get done everything you wish to

  8. Its going to be great when its fixed up, big job but worth it when you spend so much time out there in summer. Looking forward to seeing the after shots :)
    I cant wait until our deck is built, sadly it wont be for Xmas but hopefully in the new year!

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