Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 1481 - Guangzhou

Today I fly to China

I'm off to Guangzhou to the Canton Fair which is the hub for all things manufacturers in China.  The purpose of the trip is to see first hand what is possible from a sourcing point of view, to meet with factories one-on-one to create stronger relationships, to work out more efficient shipping options and to generally find a cheaper way to produce Cheer Chick Charlie merchandise.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I didn't even know where Guangzhou is (until two seconds ago when I sourced this map) nor do I know how to pronounce it! Having spent the last four weeks feeling less than ordinary with bronchitis and being strongly convinced I have broken a rib or two due to coughing, I've been really slack on the preparation. By now I had hoped to have already found some manufacturers on line with whom I could meet with on arrival.  By now I had hoped to have new t-shirt designs to organise samples for.  By now I had hoped to be flying into this unpronounceable city with a clue.  But there is no clue.  Just a barking woman clutching at her chest every time she moves due to the searing pain of rib damage.

Not sure if you've cottoned on to it yet, but I may well be starting to panic.

There is no Facebook in China. Apparently I MAY be able to use Blogger to write and publish posts... but I probably won't be able to read my own blog post afterwards due to the Great Firewall of China  ... I sure hope I can use Blogger ... otherwise my perfect record of daily blogging for 1481 days will be ruined.  And we can't have that ... 

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