Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 1482 - China Bound

Heading off to a foreign land

Hanging out at Hong Kong airport waiting for next flight
(please ignore my cankles)
This post is being brought to you from Hong Kong airport as I await in transit for the next flight. This is a big trip for many reasons. Firstly I am going to a place with money I don't recognise and a language I don't know.  Secondly I leave the hubby and the kids behind.  Thirdly I am on a mission to create a network of suppliers and a list of new products and I MUST come home with results.  Fourthly I think I may have a cracked or broken rib from coughing and am in quite a bit of pain.  Fifthly I am still coughing up goobers which is cracking my rib even further. Sixthly I have major food sensitivities to all things MSG, flavour enhancer and Asian food in general.  Seventhly there is no such words as sixthly or seventhly.

All in all the week will be steeped in adventure, growth and new opportunities ... and perhaps a few challenges. Behind every challenge is an opportunity and it is these possibilities I am seeking. Luckily I like challenges. And luckily I have a travel buddy who is a friend and a tried and true colleague from a previous working life.  We work well together.  We'll look after each other.  It'll be OK.

If the great firewall of China lets me ... I'll keep you posted.  If it doesn't then 1482 days of continuous blogging will be ruined and I'll be shitty.

See you on the other side!

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