Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 1486 - China Day Four

Today was all about handbags and traffic chaos.

Today we ventured to leather wholesale markets so that Kristy could source products for her new online handbag store/label.  I'm here to tell you that buying almost 100 handbags with someone else's money is super awesome! I could do this gig full time.

Highlights for the day were finding fabulous clutches, purses, bags and totes and creating a signature style for the new label.  Watching the "dodgy" stalls go into a panic and suddenly shut up shop due to the "fake bag police" was also something you don't see everyday.  Needless to say we did not purchase anything claiming to be Fendi, Hermes, Chanel or Dior.  Not gagging as I used the squat toilets was a particular bonus.  Surviving the taxi ride in and out of the city (without seat belts) is high on the list.  Watching the chaos that was peak hour as we were leaving and again not seeing anybody run over had my mouth open in complete fascination.  Today's pictures are less about handbags, and more about chaos.  Enjoy!

Handbags, handbags and more handbags 
Cars, buses, bikes, motorbikes, people and produce carts all trying to merge on the one street

Walking the streets around the leather markets trying hard not to get run over

Walking the streets trying to flag down a cab in this jumble of traffic.

The busy streets outside the leather markets

Cooking BBQ food on the back of a bike

Need a lift?  Ah ... no thanks

Finally found some order in the chaos! A nice orderly queue of taxis

Time for a rest 

We did not dare ask what these furs were, but that little white one looks a little too "cute pooch" for my liking.
Don't even get me started on the tiger stripes.

As much as I'd love the experience of riding on the back of one of these, I just don't like the lack of a helmet thing and the roads are just too crazy with buses, trucks, cars and bikes all a mishmash of crossing lanes and tooting horns.  I've definitely lost my sense of YOLO.
Backseat view inside the taxi.  Signs say "women and children only in front seat".
I guess that is for the safety of the driver?


  1. I'm loving your China posts, Leanne. Seeing all those handbags prompted me to comment too... it just makes you realise how bizarre coveting a 'brand' actually is. In the end, it's just a handbag. x

  2. wow, not sure i could handle squat toilets or the chaos of china. but gosh the shopping makes it tempting to try! x Aroha

  3. I'm a bit freaked out by the tiger fur I have to say :( And you know it's no wonder the world's economy isn't coping, one country is almost single-handedly making the world's accessories! Loved the pics x

  4. Great photos Leanne! What a fabulous trip, and spending someone else's money would be a bonus. :)

  5. wow look at those handbags. Great photos of your visit to china

  6. What a place! I know someone who is a buyer and she's told me about those types of places over there. Your pics fit her descriptions perfectly. Enjoy your stay!

  7. Looks like China is a lot of fun and colourful.

  8. I'm just amazed by your photos. Imagine owning 100 handbags even if they are for a business!


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