Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 1487 - China Day Five

More handbags and a motorbike taxi

Day five was spent back at the wholesale markets.  We took a cab to the toy and gift market so I could try and get some samples of stuff that I'd like to reproduce in Cheer Chick Charlie format.  Including dolls. I found NOTHING.  Nada. Zip. I was so bummed.  From there we took our life into our hands (after swearing only the day before that we wouldn't) and took a motorbike taxi thingo back to the leather markets so Kristy could pick up some more handbags to add to her ever growing collection.
Holy crap! That's all I can really say about that. Shit also comes to mind. And "who's bloody idea was this?"

This motorbike taxi is a bit like a tuk tuk only with less seating area for big bummed Aussies like us.  It was INSANE.  Sitting precariously on the back, with Kristy's handbag collecting suitcase strapped behind us, holding onto a small handle on the side, legs to one side in a good lady sitting position with both feet rested on a step built for one, no helmets, in amongst the buses, trucks and cars and heading down the motorway.  Eeeek!

It's best summed up in video.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on for the hairy part of the trip as I was too busy pooing myself and holding onto my one little handle for dear life.  But the tail end of the trip gives you SOME idea.

Here are some pics of the day.

Inside the building for the toy wholesalers
The escalators inside the toy wholesalers

Holding on for dear life on our motorbike taxi

Another picture of the streets

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  1. Do it again! it again! it again!!!!...from the beginning...take us along for the whole ride!!!!


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