Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 1489 - China Day Seven

No Chinese food for me.

So here I am, having been in China for a week, and I haven't been able to eat (much) Chinese food.  What a bugger! I have food sensitivities to MSG and flavour enhancers which means that many of the sauces are a no go zone and it seems that most of the dishes here still have MSG added during the cooking process. At home I have found lots of restaurants who are able to accommodate me with around half of their menus being completely free of the chemicals. Not here.  I walk into the restaurants and tell them my issue and they all just shake their heads NO (you cannot eat here) and I walk away.

 My nephew (who learns Chinese at school) wrote me a note in Chinese that says "I am allergic to MSG and flavour enhancers".  我味精和增味剂过敏  Isn't he clever?  It is that note I present on arrival to each eatery.  We end up turning away and heading to the bar for burgers, pizza, club sandwich or salad instead.  Such a shame! I love Chinese food.  My body is not loving all the carbs I'm eating. I usually don't eat bread, potatoes etc on a regular basis, so I have a "carb baby" growing inside my belly. But at least I'm eating!

Our eating includes a FULL buffet breakfast every morning where I eat at least three plates full of food.  That carb baby continues to grow with pancakes and French toast.  Add super crispy American style bacon and a loaded omelet.  I do eat cereal as well, plus a bunch of fruit.  Then before I leave I take a banana for later and smuggle a few pastries and some sushi out the door for lunch.  That keeps us going until dinner time.

Kristy has been very understanding and patient with me when it comes to the no Chinese thing.  So much so that I went to concierge two nights ago and asked if she could write me a new note that says "can I please have a plate of steamed vegetables and steamed rice without sauces or MSG". That way we could go to the Chinese restaurant and Kristy could satisfy her cravings.  The lovely concierge lady went one better than a note.  She personally escorted us to the hotel restaurant and went out the back to the kitchen and talked to the chef.  As a result I was able to get a wonderful plate of satay beef with vermicelli noodles. Yay!!!

Enjoy the photos. I'm off to have my final buffet breakfast here at the hotel.  We leave today for Hong Kong. I will miss you breakfast!

A breakfast combination of french toast, sausage, bacon, pancakes, hash brown
and some pumpkin (for good measure)

Followed by fruit, cereal and green tea

Loving the dragon fruit and melon varieties

Taking some banana bread and a chocolate croissant for lunch

Each day ends in cocktail hour at the bar.
Long Island Ice Tea for me and Pina Colada for Kristy

More breakfast - omelette time

Believe it or not this is also breakfast.
Vegetables and salads at the breakfast buffet means I've had brekky and lunch in one sitting!

Did I mention cocktail hour?

Caesar salad for dinner

Sea Bass for dinner

Finally! Some Chinese for dinner

Looking at this menu, I am thinking not being able to eat Chinese may not be a bad thing.
Marinate pigeon, jellyfish in vinegar, marinated ox tendon, eek! 

Breakfast bar to go ... lunch packed for two

Cheeseburger pizza!

I didn't take any pics of my burgers and club sandwich choices.  But I have a pregnant carb baby belly prominently on display to prove their existence.  

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