Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 1491 - Hong Kong

How cool is Honkers?!

A view from the harbour back to the city
As usual this overseas travel has made me bloated. Very very bloated.  So it was wearing draw string pants and a big poofy blouse to cover my "carb baby" that I visited my cousin Rebecca and her hubby Terry in Hong Kong.  Not the most glamorous Hong Kong look but it didn't stop us from doing the best "Hong Kong in a Day" tour around.  Nor did it stop me from eating and drinking up a storm to further fill the fabric. Yes, I did have to loosen the draw string at one spot ....

It started with a ride from Mid Level down the escalators to SoHo for breakfast where I had my favourite - eggs Benedict with ham and asparagus -  but also got to sample Vegemite pizza. Yum!

Vegemite pizza anyone?
We then continued with a trip to The Peak to look at a cloudy view of the city, then went back down the hill by tram.

Our view from The Peak
Wan Chai was the next stop where we cruised the street markets and headed to The Pawn bar for our first drinks of the day.  We had a great balcony seat to watch the trams go by.

The street markets



The view of the trams

From there I bought Darby some Converse boots (at half the price of home) before heading to Stanley for more cruising around the markets and lunch at the Pickled Pelican.  I continued to feed my "carb baby" with an enormous Italian sandwich and fries and washed it down with more alcohol.

Our lunch time view at Stanley
We then went to Central where we walked underground through all the fancy malls (I used the poshest toilet I have ever seen) and had another drink at a bar overlooking Hong Kong harbour.  We really aren't alcoholics, we were simply filling in time before we jumped on board the Aqua Luna to cruise the harbour.  The Aqua Luna is an original "junk" with gorgeous dark glossy wood and lovely big red sails on bamboo rods. The trip wouldn't have been complete without champagne.

The Junk

Beautiful dark wood and lovely red sails

A view from the Junk

It ended all too soon and it was time to head back to the apartment.  Rebecca cooked up a fantastic chicken chili dish and then I hit the sack.  All this drinking, eating and sightseeing is exhausting!

The view from Becc's apartment

The buildings are so tall

OMG we are up so high!

Time to get my day started.  Last day in Asia! While I am enjoying the experience immensely, I can't wait to get home to the family in 30 hours time. I also can't wait to get back to normal eating and to get rid of this carb baby I've been carrying around.  I am sure it's at least a 5kg weight gain. Eeek!

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