Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 1492 - Hong Kong

My last day in Asia

Working at Becc 
I woke up this morning just in time for Rebecca and I to head up the hill! Remember that lookout with the view of Hong Kong and Kowloon I talked about yesterday? Well, that's where we headed ... on foot ... in our exercise gear ... winding up through the bush towards The Peak.

The walk up the hill

I was ready to quit at the 600 metre mark but Becc encouraged me onwards and upwards

The view! 

Becc striding out in front - so much fitter than me

The bushland around us

I did an extra 1000 steeply upwards metres with Becc's encouragement

After our exercise (my feeble attempt at getting rid of my "carb baby") Becc headed to work and I had the joint to myself.  I used the time to follow up on more Canton Fair stuff as well as to get on top of some other Cheer Chick Charlie work that has become a little more urgent with each passing day.

At lunch time I ventured off into the streets of Honkers on my own to grab some lunch. I walked down the many streets until I found a spot, then I caught the escalators back up to the apartment.

The escalators going up through the streets to the apartment

Looking down at the escalators I had already ridden


Stairs or escalators? After the hill climb this morning, I choose escalators thanks!

The escalator system is amazing! Before 10.00am they all go down, taking pedestrians from the Mid Level area to work down the side of the mountain between the many skyscrapers.  After 10.00am they all go up taking pedestrians back home.  Don't be late for work if you've got bad knees! The steep and never ending downward stairs are irritating to those of us who have clicky clack joints, but the ride home on moving stairs is a breeze.

It was a rainy afternoon view that greeted me when I got back to my "Hong Kong office".  So I didn't marvel too much at the view but spent the afternoon chatting to kids on Skype, working through some advertising with Derek, doing Charlie work and cruising the net instead.  Got lots done!

Then it was time to catch the airport express train to the airport and hang around for my flight.  Luckily for me Terry got home just in time to flag down a cab (peak hour taxi demand was made worse by the rain) and helped get my bags to the train.

Time to head home.  Time to see my husband on the 19th anniversary of the day we first met (Melbourne Cup day 1994) and time to cuddle my kids and shower them with gifts.

Don't anyone tell me who won the Melbourne Cup! Derek is taping it for us all to enjoy together when I get home.  We'll have our Cup day festivities in an alternative universe.

Goodbye China! Goodbye Honkers! You've been great ...

This post has been written at Honkers airport and scheduled. By the time you are reading it I should already be safely on Aussie soil and well on my way to Canberraville.  

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  1. Check out those escalators! That's a crazy amount!
    Love that you kept going on the walk. That view looks awesome.


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