Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 1493 - Hong Kong parkland

Did you know that Hong Kong island has lots of gorgeous lush parkland?

I never actually thought about it to be honest, but much of Hong Kong island is covered in forest and parkland areas with lovely bird life, fish, turtles and lost of green lush leaves.  Enjoy the photos on this Wordless Wednesday. PS I am actually back home in Australia now and am on catch-up mode. I'll get back to some wordy blogging tomorrow.  

View of bush land from The Peak

Wandering through a Hong Kong park

Lovely trees near the buildings

Love the architecture

Lovely lush leaves


  1. Hong Kong looks very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Safe flight home, love beautiful bushland. And here's to no jetlag!

  3. I never knew that , I thought it was all highrise and harbour. Safe travels.

  4. wow I never knew there was so many trees and parklands. Looks gorgeous

  5. Hong Kong has so much natural beauty to it. Looks like you've had a great trip.

    SSG xxx


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