Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 1495 - Fiverr

Do you need graphic design work done?

Bella, Charlie and Laura in their training gear
As a children's book author I often have to get graphics done.  I have a wonderful person in Canberra who took my sketch of Cheer Chick Charlie and graphically designed her for me.  They also created Charlie's two best friends from my sketches as well.  They've done each character in their cheerleading uniforms and also in training gear. I love their work. But there comes a point where I can no longer pay $400 a character to get them done.  So someone put me onto Fiverr.

Have you heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is a website that you can go to and pay $5 to get a job done.  Whether it's graphic design, video and animation, programming and technical stuff, you may just find someone who is willing to do the work for you for a tiny little $5.

Now there are obvious concerns about this.  The majority of the people on Fiverr are from overseas and you never know who they actually are.  You're taking jobs away from Aussies who have trained hard for their qualifications and could not possibly be expected to do the same work for $5.  You're paying well below the award wage.  There may be re-sellers out there who are advertising their own services in Australia for a fee and who are actually "contracting" Fiverr to do it for $5 thus making a bomb in the process (entrepreneurs?) Etc, etc, etc.

However, you're also getting the job done for a fraction of the cost which is great news for start up businesses.  PLUS, you may just find someone on the site who you then continue to engage thus forming a mutually beneficial working relationship for continued work.  And this $5 business is $5 for ONE job (with modifications if necessary).  That means if you then want your graphic design in some sort of special format, that will cost an extra $5.  To get the job done in an overnight rush that will cost another $5.  If you want your character done in another set of clothes, that will cost another $5.  If you want them done in black and white for "colouring in" purposes that is another $5.  So the original $5 only gets you so far.

Of course I was skeptical to begin with.  But I've had so many people recommend them for graphics and animation that I just had to give them a try.  I'd seen their results and was impressed. I was nervous of course. Particularly as you pay the $5 up front BEFORE you even get to meet or talk to the seller. But hey, it's $5.  So it's not a huge gamble.

The gamble has paid off.  For just $5 I got another character done last week.  Stunt Boy Ben cost me $5 to get done in PNG format in his cheerleading uniform, then it cost me another $5 to get him drawn as an outline for colouring pages.  Right this minute he is also now being created ... for another $5 ... in his casual training gear. That's a serious saving!

Stunt Boy Ben
So if you've got a character you need done .... whether it be a logo, a book character, your family drawn in cartoon format for a Christmas gift, or even a picture of your best friend to create a personalised birthday card ... perhaps Fiverr might be the one for you!

Note: When I get all rich and money is flowing easily I will go back to supporting my local industry. But while I need to cut corners to get this thing up and running, I'll be using Fiverr. Let's just call it my guilty little secret. 


  1. I tried fiverr for something a long while ago, and couldn't work out the website, where to post, how to solicit, etc. I need to pay someone a fiverr to show me to use it!

  2. Wow that is awesome! I have heard of Fiverr but didn't know they did design work. Hope your jetlag not too bad :)

  3. That is great to know! I'd never heard of them. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to need a graphic artist soon so will investigate :-)

  4. I recently discovered fiver too! Its great, esp for work from home mums and start ups!

  5. Great tip, thanks for the heads up! My dad had his work website designed and built offshore through a similar website, not for $5 but for a significant saving on what it would have cost locally.


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