Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 1496 - Microwave shopping

Off to buy a new microwave ....

This is not our microwave ... but it could be!
No idea what we'll end up with.
For the last few years our microwave plate doova lacky has stopped spinning.  So our food only gets warmed/cooked on one side. We have to stop the process mid cook to turn the plate around. I can't believe we've been putting up with this for this long! So our wedding anniversary gift is a new microwave.  Our lives are so exciting.


  1. It's funny the things we put up with for so long, isn't it? We haven't had the radio or the light inside our car working for almost two years. Maybe our Christmas pressie to each other could be to get it fixed :) Happy microwave shopping!

  2. We have blown up that glass thingy in the past and continued to use it the best we could. Now we just replace the blasted things and yes, we have a pretty new one currently.


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