Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 1499 - End of year stress

How's your November stress levels?

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Last night I stayed awake.  For the first time in months I lay there with far too much ticking over in my brain.  A trip to Sydney this week for Tahlia's biggest modelling assignment yet; the Australian National Cheerleading Championships in Melbourne next week;  the cost of all this travel; far too many overdue Cheer Chick Charlie projects;  far too many overdue Cheer Chick Charlie projects;  far too many overdue Cheer Chick Charlie projects (you get the point); the build of our back deck; an author signing and Cheer Chick display at Westfield this weekend; my very sick auntie; my sick father-in-law; a daughter with headaches; a husband with headaches; a son with the sniffles; me with a broken rib; a whole lot of follow up to my China trip; washing; our Christmas party; finishing the deck, cleaning up the yard and getting new outdoor furniture for our Christmas party; Christmas!! I haven't even started to think about Christmas ...

  The thing about stress is that it doesn't help in alleviating it. All this stress just creates more stress which creates more stress.  And the thing about laying awake at night thinking about it just makes me tired and grumpy and snappy which creates more stress which creates more stress which creates more stress.

So I have to take stock, find my Ommm and get my state of mind calmly back into the action zone.


  1. Close my eyes, take a really deep breath through my nose and blow the stress from my body through my mouth.  
  2. Shower and dress like a person who means business. 
  3. Write today's to-do list starting with three things I've already done so I can tick them off, see results and get back to a success mindset.
  4. Tidy my desk to assist with a clearer mind.
  5. Compartmentalise each different "hat" I wear so that I have a neat and tidy picture of all these projects inside my mind, on my desk and inside my workbook. 
  6. Prioritise
  7. Keep affirming to myself that each day is achievable and positive - "I love that I achieve results every day doing what I love".
  8. Remind myself I am only human.
  9. Delegate where possible.
  10. Postpone where possible.
  11. For all the rest - Just do it.
  12. Tick it off. 
  13. Sit back, reflect, celebrate and breathe. 
  14. Sleep

Anyone else feeling stressed right now?

How do you get a handle on your stress levels?

Does it help to let out a big ROAR?


Win Win Win

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  1. Great idea there with the re-ticked to-do list. Genius!

  2. I'm not sure if I would say that I am stressed but I definitely feeling in a slump. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year, but this year my partner and I have decided that we are staying home for Christmas day and anyone who wants to come and see is more than welcome. We are sick of running around to everyone else, and of course the extra expense of having to travel for Christmas.

  3. Not stressed but over kids and over all the 'must be done' stuff that I don't seem to organise...RROOAAARR!

  4. I think it is that time of the year. Things are crazy. It seems like you have a lot on. Goodluck getting through some of your list today!

  5. Right now I'm about an 8!!! And the list thing helps me a lot, but also have to prioritise more. It's just going to get worse also as Xmas looms. Good luck getting it all done :) x

  6. A fantastic check list! This time of year is perfect for building stress, so it is important that we all try and keep the levels down. I never underestimate the power of a tidy desk - actually mine is a dumping ground right now, might clean it up tonight xx

  7. I think those are great ways to calm your mind and get things done. I find if I am overwhelmed, the prioritized list helps me immensely. And crossing them off as I go, so I can see how much I've accomplished! Hope you get some breathing time. xo Aroha

  8. I stress over absolutely NOTHING. It's ridiculous. Work myself into a caffeine fuelled frenzy when it's absolutely unnecessary. I think we all tend to lose the plot at around this time of year.

    On my check list? Lay off the caffeine, get organised and slow down.

  9. My stress always comes in the form of being sick. It just happens too much and therefore sets me back on everything I am attempting to get on with.
    I signed up for the Oprah Deeprak meditation thing and am hoping that this may help the immune system respond a little better and allow me not to get too upset over always being sick.

  10. Oh my gosh you have far too much on your mind to deal with! Lists def help me, but also actually ticking things off! #teamIBOT


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