Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 1500 - Wordless Wednesday

School camp

Off to school camp
Today is Darby's first ever school camp. Just as Tahlia did when she was in year 4, he pushed me away at the bus and didn't look back. No kiss, no hug, no tears, no "see ya Mum".  Just removed himself from me and joined his friends for his big adventure.  And now they're gone.  And I am feeling that weird combination of happy/sad/pride/nerves/fear/reflection/rejection.

The buses are waiting

Getting ready to load the bags and board the bus

And then they drive away .... (sniff)


  1. NOOOOOOO!!! I am not ready for this!!! I hope the first is the hardest, and every one after that is party time! ??? :-)

  2. I think I might have to get someone else to do the drop off when my time comes!! Hope he has fun!!

  3. Mums are soooooo embarrassing, right? Lol. Mine didn't look back either. P.S he'll totally miss you!

  4. How gorgeous is Darby and I love love love his name. (I'm obviously taking note of boys and girls names at the moment).
    School camp - ahhhh the memories. I think I did the same thing to my mum back in the day.

  5. I'm feeling a bit sad and weepy myself, Miss Almost 17 went to the Formal After Party and has barely been home since!!!! My girl has growed up ...

  6. I bet it was hard to say goodbye :( I'm dreading it, my 'have to know everything' instinct will go into overdrive! Maybe enjoy the break, he'll be 'loving it sick' yes I'm a dork xx

  7. It must be that time of year. My sister actually rang me yesterday, her son was leaving for camp too. A friends daughter was off the Canberra this week also. Lots of nervous Mummas around Australia this week :)xx

  8. Wow, what a milestone! My daughter will go for her first school camp next year and I'm already nervous!

  9. Aww must be so hard! Ours kids don't go on camp till year 6/7 which is ashame in one way, but great in another way! I used to love camps at school though.


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