Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 1501 - Sydney

We're back in Sydney as I fulfill my role as Mumager

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That's not actually our view. But it could be if I had a long lense thingo on my Camera.
Our view is not photography worthy with a dirty window and the morning sun shining right at us.

Darby's still at camp and Derek's at home along (and loving every minute of it) as Tahlia and I hit the big city for a big modelling opportunity.  I cannot believe how bloody expensive the hotels are in town these days!! I seriously could not get anything under $300 a night ... oh, except for a backpackers and even they charge $140 a night.  Crazy! It doesn't help that I only tried to book it two days ago I guess.

So instead we are staying out at Rose Hill with a lovely view of the racecourse and a very distant view of the city in the background.  We're in an apartment for a much less stressful $150 a night. We thought we'd try our luck at catching taxis and trains this morning so that I don't have to deal with parking in town. Just getting the KIA Carnival into the underground parking lot at the hotel was hairy enough.  I was doing three point turns just trying to get onto and off the down ramps.  Talk about sweat! Anyone would think I was running a marathon.  I kind of was inside my mind ....

Anyway, that's what we're up to on this Thursday. What are you up to?

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  1. If I knew you were coming to Sydney I would offered up a room here - we're only a 10 minute drive or 20 minute bus ride to the city.
    Enjoy your stay!


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