Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 1503 - Westfield Belconnen and Winners

Who's in Canberra and needing a kids outing for today?

It's a big day for Cheer Chick Charlie with her first appearance at Westfield.  You can hang out with Charlie and her Cheer Chicks and even get some books signed. Special guests, Sirens Cheerleaders, will also be present. Cool!

Another great kiddie activity for the day is watching the newly released Monsters University on DVD. Yep - today is the day we draw the winners of our Monsters DVD give away.

We had ROARS come in via email, blog, Twitter and Facebook which was awesome.

The names have all gone into a hat and been mixed around by Derek's big man hands.

Drum rollllllllllll .........

And the winners are:

  • Michael Potter - entered via Facebook
  • Nic Brad - entered via Facebook

It's a Facebook victory! 

Winners will be advised today.  If they fail to get back to me within a few days there will be a redraw.

Happy Saturday! I hope to see you at the mall.

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