Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 1508 - Australian Cheerleader Magazine

Author interview in Australian Cheerleader Magazine

It's a wonderful thing when you get to open a magazine and find yourself within its pages.  Especially as an author.  Being featured in the Australian Cheerleader Magazine is a wonderful thing.

Seeing my beautiful Cheer Chicks and the fabulous Charlie is also a huge source of joy.  They bring sunshine to my life every time I'm around them.

But there is a big chunk of sadness that comes with this milestone. And that is that two of my Cheer Chicks are missing from this pic.  The beautiful Chloe was on holidays when this photo was taken, and my Tahlia is hidden inside the Charlie suit.  I wish they too got their moment in the sun.  I guess the bottom line is that they will.  This Cheer Chick Charlie trip is only just beginning by the looks of things ....

Ever wondered what the sport of cheerleading looks like? Wonder no more ... you can get your FREE copy of this magazine right here. Just click on the link and start reading.  Keep an eye out for Charlie while you're at it.

Here are ALL my Cheer Chicks.  Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Wow I never realised cheerleading was that big in Australia. The girls look gorgeous and congrats on being an author in the mag. :)

  2. You are going from strength to strength. Good for you! and Congrats.

  3. How exciting!
    Did you ever see yourself featured in a magazine? Somehow with your drive and strength, I imagine you did. Now you have succeeded.

  4. That is exciting and they do look beautiful. Cheerleading is so much fun to watch. Rachel xx

  5. That is so cool and look at you all famous x

  6. Yes, they are beautiful. Looks like lots of fun - and great for fitness I understand!

  7. Wow - how incredible to see your character and series embodied in this real life doll which carries such an empowering message. I bet it's done so much to strengthen and foster the sense of community all these girls feel. Great article!

  8. That is awesome congratulations! I can say I knew you on your blog before you were famous :)

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