Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 1509 - Australian National Cheerleading Championships

It's time to start Nationals! 

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I am sitting at my desk in my PJs with puffy "I didn't sleep well" eyes and hair a mess.  It won't be long though that I have my pony tail in place, my coaches t-shirt on and there will be a sparkle in my eyes.  It may be the adrenalin that creates the sparkle, or the pride, or the anxiety, or the energy, or it could just be glitter, but I can guarantee that by the time I hit the sack tonight, I'll be a different person than the one that is writing to you now.  Because today gives us yet another chance to grow, to shine and to share.  As a coach, a coordinator, a mother and an athlete - this is my sport and this is our National Championship.  It's time to get my cheer on.

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