Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 1510 - Longest day ever

Is it really only 24 hours since my last post?

This is what a Nationals looks like!
Image source
If feels like a week was packed into yesterday.  Nationals didn't finish until after 1.30am this morning, so by the time we got back to the hotel and feel asleep it was around 2.30.  For this piece of Deep Fried Fruit who MUST HAVE at least eight hours sleep to survive, the fact that I have only had four hours is not the best thing for my beauty nor my sanity.  Today, more than ever, I wish I drank coffee! Want to know some results?

Good Shepherd Cheerleading came 2nd in poms and 3rd in cheer.  Wahooo!  Sirens Cheerleaders brought home a bunch of trophies including one by my daughter whose level 4 group stunt came third.  My mummy group stunt crew showed the crowd that we're more than just stage mums ... we're on-stage mums who can rock it with the best.  No trophies this time but a huge sense of pride. My wonderful young brother-sister partner stunt team were the best that they could be and definitely Nationals worthy.  Canberra as a whole showed Australia just what amazing athletes we have in the Nation's capital. It was a great day!

Time for another great day.

I've just got to find my "on" button. I think my system may need a reboot.  

Some quick snaps.
Mum and daughter, parents squad "fueling up", clever daughter.

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