Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 1511 - Melbourne

Time out to hang

Yesterday Tahlia and I took a couple of hours for ourselves to just hang.  Of course "hanging" means eating and shopping.  We took a stroll up Bourke Street, looked at the Gingerbread Man Christmas window displays at Myer, smelled the perfumes, tried on sunnies, checked out the clothes and then found a little lane with a lovely French eatery where we ate breakfast for lunch.

Right now we are gearing up for the final day of Nationals.  Tahlia is getting hair and make up done while I get my Cheer Mum hat on (metaphorical).  Today I am a supporter and I can't wait to see my daughter and her team get on stage.  Yes I will be biting my nails sucking on my acrylics and when they are done I will probably cry.  I can't wait!

Enjoy the pics from yesterday.

Cruising Bourke Street

The crowds lining up to get a close look at the Myer windows

Looking up one of the many lanes to find an eatery

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  1. Us daughters love our days shopping and hanging with Mum ... Especially if Mums buying the shopping lol ;)


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