Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 1516 - Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving USA

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As I sit at my desk on this Friday morning, my bestie is cooking up a storm in Pennsylvania on her Thanksgiving day.  Occasionally I will cook up a turkey dinner here in Aus in honour of my American friends, but this year we are too busy being in "catch up mode" and nowhere near the well organised "creative mode" that a Thanksgiving dinner would require.  We actually ate McDonald's for dinner last night .... shhhh ... don't tell anyone. Funnily enough they didn't have turkey burgers on the menu. 

Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving?

Mum, Dad, Derek and I celebrated Thanksgiving once around 17 years ago - actually in the USA.  We were in America taking four weeks to drive from San Francisco to Pennsylvania to attend my besties wedding.  Thanksgiving fell while we were visiting Yosemite National Park on the west coast and I remember calling into a club style restaurant near a little town called Boot Jack.  We ate turkey, vegetables, mash and cranberry.  I recall wishing the Americans ate pumpkin.  A roast just isn't a roast without pumpkin.

Cathy's Butternut Pumpkin
(Or Butternut Squash as they call it in the USA)

Cathy has just this minute sent me a photo of her cooking.  She is baking pumpkin! Butternut pumpkin to be exact.  She contacted me yesterday to learn how to cook it.  She is adding a little bit of Australia into her Thanksgiving dinner, and I will add a little bit of America into my day by wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving Day weekend! It's a great reminder to take a good look around us, thank the people in our lives and show gratitude for a wonderful world made up of so much good.

Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving?

Is pumpkin a must with your roasts?

What are you thankful for today?



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  1. Haven't but I tried pumpkin pie for the first time this year - it was disgusting! Sorry, and acquired taste that I won't be acquiring....

  2. I cant say I have celebrated Thanksgiving. Christmas is big enough in this house. :)

  3. We have never done Thanksgiving either, I can only just get organised for Christmas so adding another roast before then would be too much for me to handle.
    I love butternut squash though (we call it squash too as I am a Brit).

  4. We did a little mini Thanksgiving dinner last night. My brother has lots of American friends, and he couldn't resist forcing us into it after seeing all that they were planning to make!

    It was quite lovely. We didn't have turkey, as we only decided at like 5:30pm that we would do this, but we did make little mini chicken roasts. And YES we had pumpkin roasted next to them! Yum! I'm with you, it's not a roast without roast pumpkin as well! :D

  5. I lived in the US for 11 years and my husband is from there. I loved Thanksgiving when I lived there. It was my favourite holiday. Great food, friends, football, no pressure to buy presents, it was a time to give THANKS. It doesn't get much better than that! It should be celebrated every day! ;-) We have been slack since moving back to Aus though. I should put in more effort, and try to teach Nick about Thanksgiving too, since it's a part of his heritage.

  6. I'd never even thought about it but I saw some celebrations on the news this morning - everybody was rugged up and it looked like a lot of cosy fun - and I wished for the first time I was celebrating thanksgiving :-)

  7. I think Thanksgiving is a lovely idea but I have never celebrated it. And yes, a roast dinner just isn't the same without pumpkin! :)

  8. Thanks Bestie!!! Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. A tad bit cold, but we just bundled up with hats and gloves and coats and a HOT TUB! And my pumpkin was a HIT!!! As you know, not a common side dish, but according to my husband, it has just become one. He said it was awesome, so thanks for the cooking tips!

  9. I love Thanksgiving. Living in Japan and hanging around American friends, they would always do the most awesome cook up!
    What is a roast without pumpkin???

  10. I would love to crash someones thanksgiving celebrations in America. It would be so cool.
    You are also very right, a baked dinner is not a baked dinner without pumpkin ;)


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