Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 1520 - Things you didn't know about me

When it comes to entertainment, here are some things you didn't know about me

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There's no need to be sorting through my rubbish bin.  I'm an open book! I'll tell you everything you want to know ... including some stuff you don't want to know. Today I give you my favourite TV shows, celebs, movies, stage shows, music, magazines, books and a give-away.  Welcome to the not-so-secret life of Deep Fried Fruit.

Favourite TV show to watch as a family
Modern Family

Favourite tweens TV show 
Wendell and Vinnie

Favourite kids TV show(s)
Sesame Street
High 5
Blues Clues

Favourite all time TV series
Beverly Hills 90210 (the original)

Favourite recent TV series

Favourite teenage movie(s)
Sixteen Candles
Pretty in Pink

Favourite grown up chick flick
Sweet Home Alabama (followed closely by The Family Stone)

Favourite reality TV show(s)
Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (BRING IT BACK!)
Giuliana and Bill
The Rachel Zoe Project
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Keeping up with the Kardashians (shhhhh .... watched purely for research purposes of course)

Favourite gossip rag

Favourite information mag

Favourite overseas mag

Favourite teen mag for my daughter
Girlfriend Magazine

Favourite book series
Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plumb series

Favourite children's book series
Cheer Chick Charlie (of course!)

Favourite all time singer

Favourite all time band

Favourite current singer
Katy Perry
Plus I usually like anything featuring Pit Bull

Favourite current band
Hmmmm .... not sure ....

Favourite Australian Celebrity
Johanna Griggs

Favourite overseas celebrity
Tori Spelling
Followed closely by Giuliana Rancic

The celebrity I pretend to be when I walk into a crowded room and need confidence
Elle McPherson

Favourite stage show
Rock You

Last stage show I saw
Mary Poppins

And that last piece of valuable Deep Fried information provides a beautiful segue into our Deep Fried give-away!


Disney has partnered with Deep Fried Fruit and I have TWO Mary Poppins blu-rays to give away.  To enter, all you have to do is tell me: what helps the medicine go down? You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter #DFFMary, email or text.  Open to Australian residents only. Be sure to leave plenty of details so I know how to track you down if you win.  The competition closes TODAY 3 December at midnight and winners will be notified tomorrow just in time for the movie's official 50th Anniversary release.  A redraw will take place if I have not heard from winners by Saturday. 

What helps the medicine go down? 


  1. I loved the Mary Poppins show too. I've not heard of any of the magazines you mentioned?? But I'm not a big magazine reader...

  2. LOVED Revenge, and The Family Stone is a fave of mine too! You've some good taste! ;)

  3. I like that you know the answer to these. Apart from Revenge, I am pretty wishy washy, a fence sitter.
    Oh, in answer to your question - a lolly of course!

  4. Yeah, I don't think you and I will ever watch TV together! :)
    Loved that segue by the way. :) Best thing to help the medicine go down? Chocolate.

  5. Blues Clues was my favourite kids show too! What a great giveaway in time for Christmas. A spoon full of sugar or a bit of brandy gets that medicine down. And a peg on the nose if it's all too sweet for you.

  6. I love so many of those too Leanne!
    And Prince was the most awesome concert I have ever been to, fabulous!!! xx

  7. I saw an ad for 90210 on ch11 starting next week!!

  8. Apart from 'a spoonful of sugar' that helps the medicine go down. I bribe kids with lollies so kind of is the same! I ADORED 90210 original too and was a really big Dylan tragic! xx Em

  9. I love the Stephanie Plum series so much that I actually named the first car I bought after Stephanie! I am so in love with Morelli!

    And how good was Mary Poppins?! I went to see it with my Mum and sisters when I was pregnant with Punky and it was just as good as the movie. It's still one of my favourite movies. When my sister and I were little we would watch it over and over and when the canon went off on the roof we would rush to hold all the pictures on the wall and then bang the wall top 'straighten' the last picture, just like they did. Mum always knew which part of the movie we were up to went she heard the baging! Lol!

    We also used to sit at the bench after dinner and stir up our ice cream until it was runny and then act out the medicine scene over and over, giving each other mouthfuls of icecream as medicine! And apart from sugar ice cream is the best way to make medicine go down. Or at least remove the funky after taste!


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