Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 1522 - Brain Health

Who needs to give their brain health a boost?

After a few weeks of consistently losing the plot, I think it might be time to take my brain health a little more seriously.  So I did some reading and have found the following supplements are perfect for women's brain health. Hooray! We all know that sleep and less stress would help, but given that's not going to happen magically for me in the next few weeks, I'm off to the health food store ...

Folic Acid
We're supposed to get 400 micrograms of this stuff each day, but many of us don't.  Although we do get some because apparently adding folic acid to bread became compulsory in 2009 which helps the bread eaters. Folic acid supplements are usually associated with pregnancy but studies have shown that it's important for mental health too.  We can get a lot of it in green leafy vegetables (lucky for me I'm a salad eater), but if you don't eat a lot green stuff nor much bread in your day, then perhaps a supplement will help you become more up beat.  Worth a try!

St John's Wort
This is a very popular remedy for depression.  There's good evidence that it can help with anxiety if you'd prefer the natural remedy rather than antidepressants.  But you've got to check with your doctor first because if you're already taking medication this could create a storm in your head rather than smooth the waters.

Rhodiola Rosea
This herbal supplement does two things for brain health - it improves mental and physical performance, plus it helps fight depression. I'm in! In a study published in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, people who took Rhodiola for six weeks reported greater emotional stability and better sleeping patterns. Cool!

 Docosaheaenoic Acid (DHA) is another one of those good oils found in fish.  It's another omega-3 fatty acid and it's associated with proper brain function.  Smart creatures these fish! Research in the British Journal of nutrition found DHA supplements can help guard against depression and improve symptoms in older people who have mild cognitive impairment.

So there you have it. Some more Deep Fried tips and tricks to help you embrace middle age.

Information Source: Prevention Magazine Australia December 2013


What does the penguin say?

Disney would LOVE to give your kids some extra fun this Christmas by giving you the chance to WIN one of FIVE Club Penguin 2500 Coin Cards (RRP $17.95) which allows the kids to unlock items on the site to dress up their penguins and decorate their igloos.  Super cool.  To enter all you have to do is tell me (in your best "what does the Fox say" singing voice) what sound does a penguin make?  And if you have no idea, then simply say "yes please" and you're entered.  You choose .... singing to win ... or simply being polite.  Too easy. 

The competition is open to Aussies and you can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter #DFFPenguin, email or text.  Competition closes midnight next Tuesday 10 December and winners will be announced the following day.  Please be sure to leave enough details so I can track you down - if winners don't respond within a few days I will do a redraw. 

For my spiel on Club Penguin click here. 


  1. Where would we be without our vitamins, they have always been my savour to keeping me healthy when I cant quite fit in my fruit and veggies each day. Add fish oil to that list, the ultimate brain food :)

  2. Storm in your head. That's brilliant.

    I certainly need some of this. And to discover the fountain of youth...are you going to post that location? ;)

  3. I'm terrible, I boost the kids up with Vit C, fish oil an probiotics but don't look after myself. Perhaps that should be my NY resolution...

  4. Oh supplements are the only thing getting me through right now...

    as for the giveaway - how cool! I'd love to enter and for a go at the little rhyme

    what does the penguin say? Waddle, waddle, waddle!

  5. I REALLY need to take better care of my health, I am putting myself last always and my memory is just shocking. I really should take fish oil as hardly eat any seafood as hubby can't eat it :(

  6. I am big on eating fish. We have it at least twice a week at home.
    I did my assignment on the history of how Folic Acid became of importance in the modern diet for my Certificate of Nutrition last year and it was surprisingly really interesting.

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