Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 1526 - How to get model hair

You and your kids can have model hair, straight from the runway.

SS14 Moschino Show - Pantene - The look: Good vs Evil
A couple of months ago Pantene contacted me and said "would your model daughter like to have runway ready hair?"  And I said "my model daughter would LOVE to have runway ready hair!"  So they sent us some fabulous Pantene products and a set of instructions and we set to work. I was scared at first, but it ended up to be super easy! It's a great look for kids and adults PLUS you get a bonus second hairstyle out of it for the next day!

Our new hairstyle has been borrowed from Sam McKnight, Global Pantene Stylist Ambassador, which he created for the Moschino Show.  There were 70 models at the show in total some with the 'good girl' style (inspired by innocence and youth) and others with the 'evil girl' style (sharp styling and slick finish).

Tahlia and I decided to trial the 'good girl' style comprised of a braid on either side of the head that met in the middle above the nape of the neck and was twisted into a bun.

We started by washing Tahlia's hair in Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.  We then allowed her hair to dry naturally (because we had the time) until it was almost dry.  With damp hair I applied Pantene Styling Treatment Foam Soft Curls through the hair from root to tip and brushed it through. I then applied Pantene Intensive Damage Repair Oil to the ends of her hair for a smooth and healthy finish.

To create the 'good girl' style I parted her hair in the centre all the way down the head and sectioned it off into two pony tails on either side of the head.  I then braided the hair each side of the head from front to back and joined the braids together just above the nape of the neck.  I continued to plait the hair into one braid to the end (so two braids have become one).  From there I tied it off with an elastic and then folded the tail of the braid back up on itself to form a bun.  I used hair pins to secure it all in place.  If you like you can then tease the braids a little for an imperfect texture, but we decided to stick with the smoother look.  Spray with hairspray.

After wearing her new style to the movies, we took out the bun component come bed time and Tahlia slept with the braids.  The next day she had a "fresh faced" photo shoot which required good girl "boho hair". So to achieve a look of soft messy waves, all we did was take out the braids the next day, scrunched a small amount of the Pantene Styling Treatment Foam Soft Curls through her waves and add more Pantene Intensive Damage Repair Oil to the ends.  What do you know! Instant boho.

Model | Tahlia Jane
MUA and Photographer | Makeup by Shalini
Stylist | Models own
Hair | Models own using Pantene products

There you have it! Two hairstyles over two days from the one 'good girl' look.

Happy braiding!

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  1. This is amazing! I've always wanted fabulous model hair style like this, but I never knew how can i make this hair style. Thanks to for sharing her Cinderella inspired hairstyle!


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