Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 1527 - Christmas Tree Decorations

Store bought? Home made? Sentimental? Ornamental? 

Putting the star on the tree

Tell me about your tree. Is it perfectly colour balanced and decorated in a certain theme, or is it made up of a collection of decorations collected over the years, or perhaps both?

I love the look of those in store trees that are perfectly made up of matching baubles and and bows.  The ones that are on trend with this seasons Christmas "it" colour.  It makes you wanna just pick one up and carry it out under your arm to set up in your lounge room window.

In my head my tree is always going to be the picture perfect and very traditional red, green and gold with perfectly round baubles and very well placed tinsel.  But in my heart I just can't let go of the many decorations the kids have made over the years, or that my bestie has sent me from the USA, or that our babies were given at their first Christmas.  As a result my tree becomes an eclectic mix of colour, style and expense.  And you know what? I love it!

So tell me, what are the decorations that you put on your tree? Store bought? Home made? Sentimental? Ornamental? 

The first decoration given to us from the USA

Santa made from a river stone from our favourite river in Pennsylvania

A pickle! There is a story behind this ... you must hide it deep in the tree and whoever finds it wins a prize

Another gift from the USA in recognition of our lovely blonde Labrador
(RIP Max)

Given to me a few years ago by a lovely cheerleader. Love it! 

Made by one of the kids at school

Made at school

Made at school

Tahlia's first decoration given to her for her first Christmas

Another one made at school

Made at school

Made at school

Made at school

Another baby bauble


What does the penguin say?

Disney would LOVE to give your kids some extra fun this Christmas by giving you the chance to WIN one of FIVE Club Penguin 2500 Coin Cards (RRP $17.95) which allows the kids to unlock items on the site to dress up their penguins and decorate their igloos.  Super cool.  To enter all you have to do is tell me (in your best "what does the Fox say" singing voice) what sound does a penguin make?  And if you have no idea, then simply say "yes please" and you're entered.  You choose .... singing to win ... or simply being polite.  Too easy. 

The competition is open to Aussies and you can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried FacebookDeep Fried Twitter #DFFPenguin, email or text.  Competition closes midnight TONIGHT 10 December and winners will be announced the following day.  Please be sure to leave enough details so I can track you down - if winners don't respond within a few days I will do a redraw. 

For my spiel on Club Penguin click here. 


  1. Tonnes of sentimental ones - the kids hate it, but I love it. The high schooler rolls his eyes when he sees what he made at 2 in daycare - so that's now part of the tradition. What's the point of being a parent if you can't embarrass them with your love...

  2. Your tree is fun and sentimental and meaningful to you, love it. I have 2 puppies, a kitten and a very small house so i haven't put up my giant tree this year. So instead I made a cute christmas tree bauble wall hanging (http://frockitall.com/?p=1835) to hang on my wall as a pretend tree. I like thinking outside the box! :)

  3. Right well I will sound like a right snob here, but oh well, it's the truth. We have 2 trees. Well, 3 to be completely honest. The Big tree - "My tree" - which is blue and silver ONLY! I like to think the tinsel and decos are perfectly placed but if I'm honest every day I move at least 1 if not 2 or 3 decorations to "fill gaps" and balance the colours out. It's an OCD thing. Then there's the next tree which has all the 'other' decos - ones Nick has made or been given or we've collected along the way that do not match my blue and silver theme. Then there's a tiny tree with some LED lights in Nick's room that stays on along with his night light each night. It's the best of both worlds! :) x Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  4. Our tree is an absolute ball of colour and a mix of coloured tacky decoartions and lovely special ones.

    yes please!

    (Sorry I need to go and check out this song I have heard so much about)

  5. My tree is full of colourful store bought decorations. Recently Iv bought something from my travels to hang on the tree ... This year it was a wooden kiwi bird from NZ and a gold cut out of the cruise ship I went on :)
    Your tree is beautiful by the way

  6. All of the above! Ours is a mix of generic store-bought baubles, school craft creations, family ones that my mum gave me when I left home and ornamental (and fragile!) glass decorations I bought in Vienna a few years ago.

  7. Ours is definitely store bought, but bought from all over the world and extremely sentimental. I am all for handmade gifts from Mr4, but I am not into hanging things on the tree that are homemade. I am shallow like that ;)

  8. Hand made or second hand...whatever we can find...gifts. Our trees are always extremely random. I am going for a traditional look this year, but the decorations will still come from everywhere and anywhere! xx

  9. Mine is very structured, and I just can't help it. I have 3 colours, varying shapes balls, stars and candy canes but that's it. As kids get older and make things I'll put them up - so far it's just about me having a nice looking tree, just for one more year! xx

  10. I'm loving the Christmas collection and specially for decorate Christmas tree and your Christmas tree is gorgeous in turquoise! love everything about it


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