Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 1529 - Good Shepherd Cheer Concert

Thank you for the thank yous

Last night we held our 2013 Good Shepherd Cheer Concert for the parents and families of our fabulous cheerleaders.  It's a chance for the cheerleaders to show off their skills without the pressure of competition, while at the same time adding new elements and some whole of squad choreographed dance sequences.  I have to be honest - I had very little to do with it.  Coach Belinda coordinated and choreographed the one hour routine which involved all 100 cheerleaders.  It was fantastic!

Afterwards we had our normal presentations where our gorgeous cheerleaders each received a trophy in recognition of their year, our volunteers all received flowers and chocolates, and us coaches got spoiled as well.  This coaching and coordination gig is not something I do for the recognition - hanging out with the children, seeing their love for their sport and watching them grow is thanks enough - but I have to be honest,  I am loving all these flowers and chocolates right now! The flowers work in beautifully with my Christmas decorations.

My cache

The kids trophies

Gorgeous flowers

More flowers

Another box of flowers hiding behind Santa

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