Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 1537 - Taxi Driver

I have just added taxi driver hat to the ever increasing hat rack of life ...

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Today my diary consists ENTIRELY of driving around town.  From 8.00am this morning until 5.00pm this arvo I am doing nothing but driving from A to B through C, D, E and F and I may well make it to Z by the end.  There are small stops at each end.  Just enough to take off my cabby hat, scratch my head, say hello to a few people, then jump back into the driver's seat to keep on moving. Pity there isn't a metre in my car as I could really make a bundle out of this one.

Welcome to the not-so-secret diary of the mummy cabby:

  1. Pick up KIA from restaurant after too many cocktails last night
  2. Take KIA in for service making us a one car family
  3. Drive husband to work in Ford
  4. Drive daughter to boyfriend's house on the opposite side of town
  5. Drive coast house keys to our Christmas tenants
  6. Pick up Christmas gift
  7. Drop off Cheer Chick Charlie sale(s)
  8. Pick up husband after his Christmas luncheon and drop him home
  9. Drive to meeting
  10. Pick up daughter from boyfriend's house on the opposite side of town
  11. Drop daughter to Christmas party
  12. Pick up husband to do banking
  13. Pick up KIA
  14. Go to the Australia Post business centre to drop off postage
  15. Get home in time to pay builder for back deck as he drops around to survey his handy work
  16. Pick up daughter from Christmas party
  17. Take off cabby hat
  18. Drink champagne
  19. Sleep
Any other Mummy Cabbies out there? 

Merry Christmas! I take my hat off to you ... 

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