Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 1539 - World Record for the most Christmas lights

Last night we saw half a million Christmas lights ...

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After celebrating a pre-Christmas Christmas involving a HUGE Chinese feast with Derek's family last night we decided to take a not-so-quick trip to see this twinkling spectacular.  A Canberra family have strung more than half a million Christmas lights around their front yard this year reclaiming the Guinness World Record for having the most lights attached to their house.

The Richards family have turned on 502,165 multicoloured lights outside their home to raise money for SIDS & Kids ACT.  It became part of our dinner conversation last night so on the spur of the moment we drove 20 minutes from the restaurant to become part of this Christmas spectacular.

Around 300 metres from the house the traffic stopped and we became part of a slow convoy of cars on a pilgrimage to witness world domination.  We squeezed into a car spot on the corner of a side street and joined the masses of families all walking to this Mecca of twinkledom.  As we reached the house it started to feel a lot like Disneyland - not only because of the magic and excitement the lights created, but also because of the line we had to wait in to see this extravaganza.

It was a relatively short wait though with the crowds moving in a very coordinated and considerate fashion through the queue and then into the "tunnel" of lights leading to this amazing canopy.

People can visit the lights after dark to 26 December with entry via gold coin donation.  Previous efforts raised $78,000 for SIDS & Kids and they are hoping to break $100,000 this year.  SIDS & Kids supports people who have lost babies and children six years and under.  The $78,000 raised last year was able to pay for two part time counselors for this important organisation. About 150 young children die in our region (ACT and parts of NSW and Vic) every year, so this twinkling display goes a long way to raise funds for  helping grieving families get through their loss.

If you want to check out the lights you'd better hurry! There are only a few days left.  Go to 3 Tennyson Crescent in Forrest and take a few bucks with you. On arrival you can buy food, raffle tickets and even a SIDS souvenir or two.

For just a little while I truly felt like a fairy ...

And I also felt a strange sense of dejavu after posting my Christmas movie review yesterday ...

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Husband and I in the twinkling lights

The kids and I in fairy land

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