Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 1540 - Maggie

We seem to have a new "pet"

Magalags - or Maggie for short
We've always been magpie friendly.  As a kid I had a pet magpie that Dad saved off the side of the road (he had been injured). He lived in our backyard hanging out with our dog until he drowned one day in our pool as he tried to escape the summer heat. Incredibly sad. The magpies at our house now know we are bird friendly and often hangout under our balcony when it rains and will sit on my back deck and sing to me during the day.  That may be because I have been known to feed them ... They usually only stay for a few weeks and then move on.  However we currently have  one lone magpie who has been hanging out for quite some time.  He sings to me every morning and then just hangs out on the back deck every afternoon.  He doesn't want food, nor water. He just seems to want the company.  Say hello to Magalags ... our new best friend.  Interesting fact: I never get swooped by magpies. I think I'm on the magpie VIP list.

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