Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 1541 - A little touch of Christmas

I really love the little things ...

The entry to Mum and Dad's bedroom

It's no secret that the reason I love visiting Disneyland so much is because of the attention to detail and the little things they do to create magic, ambience and a sense of being "authentic".  So too I love visiting Mum's house at Christmas because in every room, on every door, at every turn there just a little something to remind us that it's Christmas time.  She doesn't go over the top ... just enough to remind us to be festive. It sure feels like Christmas to me ....

on my bedside table

On my bedroom door

On the hallway wall

A welcoming hug in the spare room

A nativity on top of the TV cabinet

The coffee table

A cabinet

The dining room

Some extra guests in the dining room

|The book shelf

Hello Santa!

The wine cabinet

The sitting room

A side table

A doorway
The front veranda

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