Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 1542 - Merry Christmas

I think Santa may have been ....

It was a 5.30am wake up call from both kids this morning. I may or may not have poked Darby a few times to wake him. Which in turn may have alerted Tahlia to the fact it was wake-up time. Yes, I get just as excited as the kids when it comes to Santa. 

There's no denying there were plenty of gifts, and loads of paper, and lots of squeals, and heaps of joy.

Everything has been unwrapped!

My stash of gifts .. perfect!

We've woken up with Nanny and Pop today for Santa and a cooked breakfast, and then we separate for a few hours before coming back together this evening.

It's an odd year this year with far too much illness.  Derek, the kids and I are off to spend the day with Mum's extended family in Sydney.  My aunty is too sick to travel so we are going to her this year.  Unfortunately Nanna (Mum's mum) was hospitalised on Sunday so can't travel to join in these festivities. Mum and Dad will be driving to Cooma to be with her at the hospital for the day.

Derek's family is also a little disrupted with his Dad having just started 6 weeks worth of radiation treatment last week.  He and Granny have Christmas Day off to be with Derek's brother and the clan for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

So it's with the "divide and conquer" mindset that we spread ourselves around our families today in a hope that we can help spread some cheer during their fight for wellness.

The important thing is that everyone will be with loved ones with enough Christmas spirit to help them get through the sick days in the hope for a fighting fit 2014. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I hope Santa has been good to you all ...

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