Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 1544 - Rural property for sale in Goulburn area

Can you believe my parents are selling this little slice of heaven?

For sale - the Shea House
Anyone in the market for 25 acres of grass, trees, dams, sheds and a beautiful four bedroom home in its own green oasis planted right in the middle of it all?  Situated just ten minutes outside of Goulburn with a 50 minute drive to Canberra or under two hours to Sydney it's in a great location. This four bedroom, two bathroom, two lounge room house is perfect for a family home or just a weekend get-away.  Space for horses, a few cows or a small herd of sheep.  Great for dogs and kids and ponies. Gorgeous views in a peaceful environment.

Mum and Dad are selling up and moving into town which is the start of a brand new adventure for them, and the end of a country retreat for us.  Of course I am extremely sad to see this place go. If we had the money I would buy it.  Sitting on the front veranda overlooking grassy hills, listening to birds, watching horses and cows is my idea of heaven.  Throw in a good book and a cuppa and what more do you need?  But alas this will be one of my last stays at the Shea Farm.  This Christmas was important (and a little "different") for many reasons not the least of which being that this is our last Christmas on the land. 

Needless to say I am feeling a little lot sad nostalgic ...

What would be wonderful is if someone with similar tastes, gratitude, love and energy were to buy this place so that we know our home (away from home) is going to a good "home".

Know anyone in the market for this little slice of heaven?

view from the back deck

Garage and storage shed

Large farm shed for machinery and supplies

Back of the house

View from bedroom windows

Front view

Front "yard"

View from front veranda

Gum trees

Drive way (view from front yard)

Front of house (from drive way)

Front of house

One of the many gardens

Perfect for horses


  1. Exactly these are the little slides of heaven. The sheds for machinery and the garage sheds are really attractive. I would love to buy those for me...


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