Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 1547 - Aloe Vera

Need something to sooth irritated skin?

We're big users of Aloe Vera in our house.  We've got the Aloe plant on the front balcony which I regularly cut to sooth mossie bites or scraped knees, plus we buy the green tea and aloe vera "aftersun soothing gel" which gets a big workout in the summer months.  This gel has a million uses in our house.  Well, at least a dozen.  We use it on sunburn, after shaving, after waxing, after Nairing, for mossie bites, for rashes, for burns, as moisturiser, to smooth frizzy hair, as a lip balm and (last but not least) as a massage "oil".  Oh, and I have in the past used Aloe to sooth sore breast feeding nipples. One tube with many uses.  The best news is it's cheap! A chunky 250ml home brand tube costs less than $10 at Coles.

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